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Moving a Data Center, Servers or Computer Equipment?

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Secure Mechanical Hard Drive Shredding and Data Destruction Services

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Electronics Recycling

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Why Work With Us

We are the preferred vendor and known by our clients as their “go to” server movers and data center movers. We offer a host of server room cleaning, and data center cleaning options as well. Whether its our data destruction with optional onsite hard drive shredding, or our green recycling options, NCWS is known as being the answer in our industry. Remember that all of our service proposals are 100% free, and have confidence being on our secured website.

We offer superior support and a personal project manager 24/7 (on-site and off-site) for any of our specialty services provided. NCWS will never subcontract or shop out any level of our service. NCWS staff handles all services from the project start, all the way to the finish at your destination. This includes dedicated trucks holding only your equipment, which are transported by NCWS staff.

NCWS offers solid custom based solutions, flexible date/time options. We are available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day!

NCWS has numerous insurances that blanket you and your company against any possible risks.

NCWS also specializes in asset recovery and relocation services in the areas of financial and fraud investigations, litigation, intellectual property litigation, reorganization & bankruptcy, buyouts, and takeovers for corporate clients.

NCWS also offer secure mobile hard drive shredding. We use a green approach of shredding your storage devices, while guaranteeing items have been destroyed. Our clients are more than welcome to witness our destruction process at the convenience of being performed at their facility. NCWS will then recycle the shredding materials, so that it can be responsibly recycled and reused.
Our Process

NCWS offers services based on your scope, and remains flexible to target your individual need. Our platform of services will inject only what is needed to perform a successful project based on your individual need and requirements.

Our team will mold around and become an extension of your company. We offer our client a clear channel of communication, insuring your project is on time, budget, and with no extended down time.

We also bring a variety of solutions to solve any pre-planning, or logistical hiccups that are identified prior to any service option being executed. World class service, simple solutions, and focus driven service are core beliefs within our company. We have an amazing ability to make complex into seamless and simple.

NCWS has a proven service history and focus matters business approach, and it is backed by powerful client references through our impeccable service history.

Our teams, systems, and procedures make us the preferred vendor accomplishing successful project services nationwide!

Featured Testimonial

Client Testimonial

“I was tasked by my management Team to move our datacenter. They gave me a very short limited window of time to do so. We have 24 racks of gear and needed to move a large portion of it. The NCWS Team came in and explained their process and what was needed. They showed up early and worked through the night to move approximately 400 plus physical devices. The gear was boxed and loaded and then unloaded and unboxed at its new location in about a 12 hour period.

What an amazing job. NCWS handled everything and my Team was able to handle the work we needed to do with ease. I would recommend NCWS to anyone looking to move IT gear. Again I had very little involvement as NCWS staff handled every item from beginning to end. To add the cost savings was also a very important piece of the move and NCWS was affordable and effective for our move.”
-Larry Moser, Director, Infrastructure Services