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Our Clients

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I received excellent feedback regarding your services both in Toronto and at MPK. Wanted to say thank you for the excellent work. We ll be sure to be in touch whenever we have more office moves and decommissions. -Olivier Desmet, AV/VC Deployment Engineer, Facebook, Inc.

Completed FB Projects: April 2016 Chicago, IL to Menlo Park, CA March 2016 Toronto, ON to Menlo Park, CA January 2016 Boston, MA to New York, NY March 2015 Vancouver, BC to Menlo Park, CA

PJM Interconnection

"Preparing, transporting, setting-up and dismantling the annual PJM Operator Seminar was always a huge task.
Many weeks on the road traveling to different locations to train 600 plus students with laptops, portable walls, monitors, network systems, projectors, and so much more equipment with wires and cords that connected it all.
Then PJM partnered with NCWS. Shawn and his crew took the initiative to learn about PJM and understand the event to ensure and guarantee they could provide 24/7 support, security, and never subcontract any service (including transportation).
They respect and treat the PJM equipment as their own; every wire is taped with care each week to avoid an accident.
NCWS continually works with the PJM Trainers and the AV crew to maintain the high standards PJM and the Members have come to expect.
I am confident Shawn and NCWS have the expertise and knowledge, understanding and respect to successfully support and manage any project." ~ Paulette Bontempo, Sr. Training Coordinator, State and Member Training - PJM Interconnection.

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