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ENVIRO-packaging is the multi-layer, systematic packing method unique only to NCWS when executing relocation projects. There are several thoughts to keep in mind when comparing packaging methods by vendor.

Ask yourself:

If the OEM was shipping my equipment, would they package my investment in this way?
How long has your equipment been running or in use?
Is your equipment high value?
Do you have valuable data stored?
Do you have valuable software?

NCWS has a strong belief that high value equipment and data should NOT be blanket wrapped and put into a bin, box or stacked on pallets.

NCWS will never offer a service that is outsourced to non-NCWS team members, NCWS also practices a non-subcontracted level of service. This includes transportation!

NCWS also believes if your equipment has been spinning for some time, has data or software that it must be packaged exceeding OEM packing standards. OEM packing is consistent, but typically is used when the equipment is new, and does not necessary consider age of equipment and data.

NCWS Five stage ENVIRO packaging system DOES consider the following and mitigates risk against:

Physical damages to equipment
Data Loss
Extended Down Time

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