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Green Initiative

What is National Computer Warehouse Services Green Initiative?

NCWS offer's all corporate clients access to our Direct Mail In Green Initiative. This allows access to our secure and private E-Waste/End of Life Green Recycling program.

We have a passion to conserve and protect our natural resources for future generations, and to protect human health through environmental stewardship.

NCWS offers our clients a dedicated Project Manager who will partner and assist you with collection and logistics support, guaranteed destruction, green recycling and serialized audit reporting. Our facilities operate with more efficiency and accuracy than industry/government standards. We are the the single industry voice that drives best practices within the electronic recycling industry.

From day one we set the bar on security and protection. We protect you starting on your first visit to our website. Feel confident being on a secure website, and communicating though our encrypted email system enhanced with Citrix Security.

With a few simple steps we can establish you and your facilities in our Green Initiative Direct Ship Program. There are no charges for E-Waste or End of Life destruction and green recycling when you are enlisted in our program. NCWS enters your company information in our system and you are ready to begin shipping End of Use/End of life E-Waste to our facility.

Upon completion of our auditing, destruction and green recycling you will receive a comprehensive serialized audit of all direct ship items send to NCWS for processing!

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