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Onsite Data Destruction and Hard Drive Shredding

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Cybersecurity is a top concern across every industry, with one data breach having the ability to kill a business's hard-earned reputation. At NCWS, we work with information systems professionals across the country and we fully realize the concerns today's companies have. Even with all the measures that systems administrators take to safeguard their networks, they still face risks on a daily basis. One of those risks comes from the equipment in their data centers and office spaces. IT professionals already know the importance of securing their equipment behind locked doors, with keycards for access. But do you protect your hard drives when they have become End of Life or No Longer in Use? Too often once a hard drive is taken offline; it's shifted to a storage area (box, closet, desk or corner of the floor), where it awaits destruction. This is the period of a device's lifecycle when your business may unknowingly put your data at risk. NCWS's data destruction service takes care of that.

Data Destruction Services

As soon as your business decides a hard drive has reached its end of life or is no longer going to be put in use, documented and verified data destruction becomes necessary. Each hard drive contains information, even if all files were stored on company servers. That information could be retrieved by a third party, who could use it for fraudulent purposes, putting your company and its customers at risk. NCWS removes liability and neutralizes any data theft possibilities. NCWS prides itself on compliance and the data destruction process is documented from start to finish. NCWS even has a two-step process that ensures data can never be retrieved again. First, we erase the data using an industry-preferred process called degaussing. Once the data is completely neutralized, we mechanically shred the hard drive to further ensure nothing can be accessed. NCWS finalizes the mechanical shredding process with an official certificate of destruction, clearly documenting the serial numbers of the hard drives shred Onsite!

The Benefits of Onsite Service

One of the biggest deterrents of responsible hard drive destruction is transporting hard drives off site. Many IT departments are already limited on resources, and it can be extremely time-consuming to load up hard drives and take them to a data destruction facility (not to mention the liability). NCWS offers Mobile Mechanical Hard Drive Destruction Service, bringing our equipment to your business's location, where we handle picking up equipment and shredding it without it leaving the property. This allows you to see that destruction took place, giving you the peace of mind of knowing the data remained on your property at all times and that the process is properly documented.

How It Works

When a business needs Controlled Mechanical Onsite Hard Drive Shredding, a request for service kicks off the following process:

  • A NCWS Dedicated Project Manager reaches out to your team, reviewing the submitted information.
  • We create a custom Data Destruction Quotation and promptly return to you.
  • Once you've decided to partner with NCWS, your dedicated project manager works with your team to arrange a Data Destruction service date and time.
  • Our Mobile Shredding Operations Unit arrives at your location.
  • Our team collects all hard drives, while maintaining Verified Chain of Custody.
  • All drives are controlled while transferred from your building into our Mobile Shredding Operations Unit outside your door step.
  • We create a serialized audit prior to Shredding Hard Drives Onsite
  • Mechanical Shredding begins and all drives are Shred Onsite
    (NCWS welcomes a witness to see the action!)
  • Official Certificate of Destruction is generated and provided to you
  • All tiny hard drive scrap metals are responsibly recycled

If you plan to dispose of equipment, don't leave your data security to chance. Contact NCWS and learn how we can keep you in compliance while having peace of mind on the process.

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