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Today s businesses rely heavily on technology to conduct day-to-day operations. From the computers and mobile devices they use to the servers that support that equipment, a businesses technology infrastructure is vital. When a business faces a relocation, it s only natural that there s concern about damage.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) puts measures in place to protect equipment throughout transit. We use proven packing materials to keep servers and computers safe from shock, static, and humidity, all of which can damage their sensitive components. However, to give our customers peace of mind, we also carry full insurance on each component of your move. This will allow you to turn your relocation over to our experts with full confidence.

General Insurance

Each move comes with $3 million in general liability insurance during the time our specialists are at your location. Many property management firms require proof of this type of insurance before they ll clear a third-party service to begin the moving process. This will likely be in the lease agreement your business signed initially. You ll also run into this requirement at your destination location. We ll provide the paperwork you need to get all of the approvals prior to move day.

Our general liability insurance will cover any incident that happens up to $3 million, including personal injury to one of our movers or damage to any personal property while equipment is being moved. If a claim reaches $3 million, we also have additional insurance specific to certain types of claims.

Damage Protection

While our movers take every precaution possible to avoid damage to rented spaces, we have $300,000 in insurance to cover any damage that might occur. Our coverage doesn't end once your equipment leaves your site. Cargo/catastrophic insurance will cover your equipment while it is in transit on our moving trucks. When combined with the many security measures we have in place to keep your servers and computers safe, you ll have that additional safety in place. Cargo/catastrophic insurance can be tailored to meet your business s unique needs.

Personal Injury Protection

Another danger businesses face during the move process is injury to one of the movers. If for some reason a tech should be injured in the process of moving your equipment, NCWS carries $2 million in personal injury protection, as well as medical coverage for each of our workers. Additionally, each employee has $1,000,000 in coverage while on site.

Umbrella Policy

If the above coverage isn t sufficient to cover everything, NCWS also has an umbrella policy. This $1 million policy serves as an additional protection. This insurance will also handle anything not covered by your other types of insurance, helping prepare for something unexpected that might happen.

Any relocation process can be stressful. Even with months of planning, unexpected things can happen. Our years of experience help us plan your move to ensure there are as few surprises as possible on move day. When combined with our extensive insurance protection, business owners can sleep well in the weeks leading up to the date of their relocation, knowing everything will be covered. NCWS prides itself on having zero insurance claims since conception of our company in 2001!

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