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Data Center & Server Room Cleaning

Cleaning the data center, or server room may not be at the top of anyone s priority list, but it s the sort of thing that can come back to bite you after years of neglect. The last thing you want is a series of equipment failures due to overheating or, when you look into the cause of the AC failure, to find that the ducts and filters were so clogged with dirt that the system died. The answer is good old-fashioned cleaning or maybe not so old-fashioned in terms of some of the techniques that have evolved to address clean rooms and data centers. In house janitorial services for normal office buildings are usually supplied by a contractor or in-house employees that are typically not trained for this type of cleaning / decontamination work. Common janitorial cleaning chemicals, equipment and wax may make the data center look great now but they will create chemical and physical transformations at microscopic levels causing corrosion, rust, static, overheating and hundreds of other problems leading to eventual downtime.

Dust particles range in size from micrometers to several centimeters if allowed to collect into groupings. It can carry moisture, chemicals and inorganic elements and moves as the air flows. Computer equipment functions on electricity. Its inner circuitry must function within a specific temperature and in an environment void of moisture. If the heat is too great, circuits will overheat and malfunction. To alleviate this problem, many computers use built-in cooling fans. If there is moisture, electricity will not flow as it should and will short-out.

When dust gathers, it begins to block the fan from cooling off the internal components of the computer. Eventually, the circuits begin to overheat and malfunction. As dust also carries moisture, when it comes in contact with the metal connectors of some circuitry, it shorts out the electrical flow. This will cause glitches in your computer's response to any request or device.

Dust also can block connectivity between the adapter cards in the computer. It will settle in the slots for RAM chips and expansion boards and create a gap in the electrical metal connectors of computer to component boards. National Computer Warehouse Services has proven skills and expertise to clean any IT environment. Maintaining a clean and efficient data center, server room, or computer equipment is critical to prevent any damages or contaminations. The experienced professionals at NCWS use proactive and protective measures to eliminate debris, contaminants, and other intrusive particles that can affect daily operations. With the use of HEPA filtered vacuum technology and air particle quality solutions, NCWS services data centers, server rooms, server closets, data rooms, communication rooms, computer rooms, and other IT infrastructures. Following ISO 14644-1: 1999 guidelines, NCWS will utilize special protocols to maintain security in any controlled environment. Our commitment and services exceed the standard janitorial company.

Regular Scheduling Of Comprehensive Cleaning: NCWS cleaning specialists recommend that managers arrange to have the entire computer room thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Regularly scheduled cleanings can help prevent downtime by reducing contaminates that can cause system-related failures.

Depending on its use and traffic volumes, this might have to be quarterly, but at the very least, professionals should clean the entire computer room twice per year. NCWS suggests cleaning should include:

Raised-floor tile cleaning. NCWS should clean the surface, around, and the under area of the HPL (high-pressure laminate) floor panels, for example, using specialized equipment and chemicals designed for that purpose. HPL access panels that have not been cleaned regularly cannot as effectively dissipate static electricity charges as a clean access panel can.

Equipment cleaning. Dust on equipment that has become settled can cause equipment to retain heat and potentially cause unwanted downtime if not routinely maintained. NCWS cleaning professionals will wipe down equipment above the floor to remove dust, vacuum the equipment where applicable, and treat it with an antistatic finisher.

Under-floor cleaning. NCWS will use HEPA-vacuum s on buildings sub floor and clean it by hand where appropriate.

Top-of-floor cleaning and reconditioning. NCWS cleaning professionals will HEPA-vacuum the surface of the access floor; clean it to remove embedded dirt, and then treat it with an antistatic finisher. Most experts recommend that the access floor panels be cleaned quarterly.

Ceiling void cleaning. Ceiling cleaning includes overhead cleaning above 8 feet by vacuuming above the drop ceiling tiles and/or vacuuming and wiping clean overhead raceways. Further, the type of ceiling tiles can make a big difference when it comes to room cleanliness.

Top 7 reasons to keep a tidy data center or server room: Results in an environmentally clean and healthy data center atmosphere. Promotes more efficient use of critical hardware intake and ventilation systems. Makes a tremendous impression for prospects, clients, management and other visitors. Reduces downtime risk due to particle buildup on circuit boards, servers and all other air cooled equipment. Reduces downtime risk due to static discharge onto sensitive equipment. Confirms quality and industry standards are met for data center environment benchmarks. Equipment manufacturers recommend and suggest this process be performed as a part of normal maintenance of the equipment.

NCWS offers the following cleaning services: Data Center Cleaning Data Room Cleaning Server Room Cleaning Communication Room Cleaning Server Closet Cleaning Computer Room Cleaning Server Room Cleaning

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