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Security is top priority for businesses, especially when it comes to sensitive customer information. On average, a data breach costs a business $158 per lost or stolen record, an expense that can quickly add up for companies that have databases filled with information. On a day-to-day basis, businesses generally invest significant effort and money into keeping their servers and devices safe. However, when a relocation is on the schedule, security becomes a top concern.

NCWS takes your data security seriously, putting measures in place to protect your equipment once it leaves your building. These extra precautions have given us a reputation across the country for providing reliable, top-quality relocation services. Whether you re moving a data center, a server room, or an office, here are a few ways NCWS goes above and beyond to keep your equipment safe while in transit.

Unmarked Vehicles

Getting your equipment to its new destination means loading it onto a truck and transporting it. We use unmarked vehicles for moving computers, servers, and associated equipment and peripherals. Passersby will have no idea that sensitive business equipment is located inside, which provides an additional layer of protection.

Employees Only

Some businesses transport equipment from the building to the truck, letting a third-party company take it from there. This is especially true of long-distance moves, since some moving companies only employ local drivers. NCWS takes each customer s move seriously, with only our own, fully-screened staff members handling the move from start to finish. We have at least one technician with your equipment at all times as it heads to its new location, even if that destination is on the other side of the country. This ensures that you always have someone looking out for your business s interests.

Equipment Protection

The best security for your equipment means it arrives at its destination without damage. We use our own specialized packing materials to keep your equipment safe while being moved from your building, as well as while it s in place on the truck. There will be numerous bumps along the route, so it s important that your equipment be secured into position and protected against shock, humidity, and static. We also use anti-shock pallets to keep your equipment in place while the truck is in motion, giving you the peace of mind you need to know your servers and computers will arrive safely.


In addition to the extra care our employees take with your equipment, we provide insurance to further protect your business. We carry a general insurance policy that provides up to $3 million while our technicians are on site. Once your equipment is loaded on the truck and on its way, we can put cargo/catastrophic insurance in place to protect you against any damage that might happen to equipment while in transit.

When your business plans a relocation, it s important to put security first. NCWS not only keeps equipment secure and protected during the move from your building to the truck, but throughout the transportation process. Our skilled technicians will ensure your sensitive data and hardware arrive at their destination without risk.

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