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When a business has a large-scale project like a relocation or nationwide shipping operation, management is a necessity. Someone needs to schedule the right resources and make sure those resources are in the right place at the right time. This is done through logistics, which are an important part of any major operation.

NCWS has years of expertise in managing relocations for data centers, server rooms, and offices. We have a nationwide network of experienced technicians who can handle local or long-distance moves, even when a business is relocating equipment to the other side of the country. All of this is completed through a sophisticated logistics process that is customized to each business s unique environment.

Equipment Transport

Once a business s equipment leaves its building, businesses start worrying. Our job is to eliminate that worry by taking your equipment transport seriously. We never hand your equipment off to a third-party carrier, instead keeping at least one of our own professionals with the truck throughout your relocation. This applies whether you re moving down the street or across the country.

Each relocation is assigned a project manager who works directly with that company to prepare for the move. Months of careful planning go into every move, with every possible risk considered and minimized. Your project manager will have extensive experience in relocation projects similar to yours, giving you the confidence of knowing you re working with someone who has the background necessary to act as your advisor.

Thorough Evaluation

From the time a business contacts us, we begin working through the logistics of its upcoming move. We gather as much information as we can to provide a quote, giving businesses the information they need to move forward. Once you ve decided to work with us, we ll gather information on your inventory and site specifications to be fully informed as we plan your move.

If there are challenges specific to your relocation project, we ll come up with solutions to those challenges. We ve encountered every possible obstacle in the moves we ve managed since 2001 and we re prepared with a workaround for every one of them.


Security is an important part of move day and we ll work with you to ensure we have all of the clearances we need to access each of your spaces. If you re moving a server room, this will include ensuring we not only can gain entry to your main building doors and office spaces, but your secure server rooms, as well.

Many property managers have special requirements for approving a moving company. We ll work with your own building s management to make sure they have what they need to reduce their own liability. We ll repeat this process at the destination site to take the stress off of your own team. NCWS takes logistics seriously, putting significant effort toward using our own expertise to help each client. When a business completes one of our project questionnaires, we review it carefully and immediately begin thinking of ways we can help that client with its project. From the day we begin working together to the day the project is complete, businesses have the confidence of knowing they re working with experts.

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