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DCR Planning

When a business contacts us for help, the first step is always to do a thorough evaluation, gathering as much information as possible to be able to provide a project quote. This is the beginning of a multi-step planning process that ensures that our team is as prepared as possible to help your team succeed.

Whether you re planning a full-scale server room relocation or merely seeking to offload old equipment responsibly, our team takes the planning phase of every assignment seriously. From the start, you ll work directly with a project manager who is devoted to answering any questions you have throughout the process. Your project manager will fully determine the scope of your project, which is a multi-step process.

Step One: Risk Assessment

Every large-scale IT project comes with risks and our team is fully-equipped to identify and avoid them. Our years of experience have given us the skillset necessary to create a plan that minimizes risk as much as possible, even for the largest projects. This includes inventorying equipment and creating a plan to ensure servers, PCs, and other items arrive at their destination without damage. NCWS uses specialized protective materials that keep sensitive electronics safe from shock, static, moisture, and other dangers during a move.

Step Two: Plan Creation

Once we ve fully identified your business s needs, we ll create a plan that will detail each aspect of your upcoming project. During this phase, we ll advise you of any potential complications, as well as the measures we plan to take to address those risks and ensure things go smoothly. This plan will also let you know the team members who will be involved in deploying your project and give information on the insurance and equipment that apply. Each relocation comes with a three million dollar general insurance policy to cover your business while we re on site. Additional insurance will be tailored to your specific needs.

Step Three: Site Visits

For relocation projects, our professionals will conduct site visits to both the existing location and the destination site to get a full overview of what the project will entail. This will happen during the plan creation process and in the days leading up to the move, if access is granted. In some cases, our team can prepare for your move by prewiring server rooms and workspaces so that on the day of the move, our relocation specialists will be able to work quickly, minimizing your downtime and ensuring we have extra time to repair any missed connections. Since you ll have an assigned project manager to work with you throughout the process, you ll have the confidence of knowing that you have an expert to guide you until your project is complete.

If you have an upcoming project, the first step is to complete one of our project questionnaires. We ll gather the information we need to provide a quote and get the process started. From the time you decide to work with us until the day your project is complete, we ll manage every aspect of your move to make sure you have as worry-free an experience as possible.

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