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Why is it SO Important to have an Experienced Company Move your Data Center Server Gear

Why is it SO Important to have an Experienced Company Move your Data Center Server Gear

by Nationalcws.com on October 2, 2023

Moving server equipment or a data center from one data center to another is a complex and delicate task that requires careful planning and execution. Choosing a specialty company like NationalCWS.com Corp. for this purpose offers several advantages due to the unique challenges associated with handling sensitive and expensive server infrastructure. Here are some reasons why it's important to have a specialty company handle the relocation:


Expertise and Experience:

Specialty companies that focus on data center relocations have experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of server equipment, networking, and data storage systems.

They are familiar with various types of server hardware, configurations, and the specific requirements of different data center environments.


Risk Mitigation:

Server equipment is highly sensitive and can be easily damaged during transit. Specialty companies use proper packing materials, handling procedures, and transportation methods to minimize the risk of damage.

These companies often have insurance coverage to provide financial protection in case of any unforeseen incidents or accidents during the relocation process.


Customized Solutions:

Each data center has its own layout, specifications, and requirements. Specialty companies tailor their relocation plans to the specific needs of the data center and the equipment being moved.

They can provide customized solutions to handle challenges such as limited access, security protocols, and downtime constraints.


Minimized Downtime:

Downtime during server relocation is a critical concern for businesses. Specialty companies are experienced in executing efficient relocation plans to minimize downtime.

They often employ strategies like parallel running of systems, phased migration, or temporary failover solutions to ensure continuous service availability.


Compliance and Regulations:

Data center operations are subject to various regulations and compliance standards. Specialty companies are aware of these regulations and ensure that the relocation process complies with industry standards and legal requirements.


Security Measures:

Server equipment may contain sensitive data, and its security must be maintained during the relocation process. Specialty companies implement security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the data being moved.


Equipment Handling:

Specialized server relocation companies use proper equipment, such as shock-absorbing packaging to protect servers from physical damage during transport.


Documentation and Tracking:

Tracking and documenting each step of the relocation process is crucial. Specialty companies can often provide detailed documentation and tracking systems to ensure accountability and transparency throughout the move.


Post-Move Support:

After the relocation, specialty companies may offer post-move support, including system testing, troubleshooting, and fine-tuning to ensure that the server infrastructure is functioning optimally in the new data center environment.


In summary, the importance of having a specialty company for server equipment relocation lies in their expertise, experience, risk mitigation strategies, and the ability to provide customized solutions, ultimately ensuring a smooth and secure transition between data centers. Contact NationalCWS.com Corp. today, so we can connect and help to answer questions you may have!

Why is it SO Important to have an Experienced Company Move your Data Center Server Gear

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