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Truck Security and Data Center Relocation

Truck Security and Data Center Relocation

by Michael Godek on Thursday, April 03 12:29

When hiring a data center relocation company, it is important to find the right vendor with the experience and professionalism that will make any relocation project successful. Vendors with dedicated services, equipment, and trucks are the safest and securest companies. There are many things to take into consideration when searching for that perfect vendor. One of the biggest components is transportation and the trucks that contain the valuable equipment. Truck security and a data center relocation work hand in hand.


This should always be the first step, and it is very important to check the interior along with the exterior of the transportation trucks. Check tires, brakes, lights, and truck seams for any possible leaks. Look for any possible undulations in the enclosed back bed of the truck, in the floorboard and even the top where any leaks might present themselves. If the truck has a lift gate, be sure to test the operation before the moving any data center equipment.

Loading dock:

During a data center relocation, most data center loading docks are secured with cameras, security, electronic badges and locked doors. Trucks will drop down to the backstop and the bay doors will close for security and ventilation purposes. However, if you are not at a data center, be aware of where you are and never leave truck doors open or unlocked at a loading dock. This is a detrimental risk that could potentially result in a theft opportunity. As always be sure to check truck and dock heights prior to entry.

Street delivery:

Always a tricky situation during any data center relocation, server relocation, or IT seminar relocation. Keep all doors closed and locked when personnel are not at the truck. Do not stage any equipment on the street or sidewalk during the on-load or off-load if it will be unattended. Depending on size and if the equipment is on wheels, it could be a potential fast get away for any thieves. For safety purposes, keep hazard flashers on at all times, activate air brake, and have a reflective cone or HV (high visibility) for PPE (personnel protective equipment). It is appropriate to have a plan before entering a street due to parking concerns, security protocols, and city street regulations. Find the right time to on or off-load. It can be difficult if construction is occurring, high frequency of foot traffic on the sidewalks, or if parking bans are in effect. Consult with the client, vendor, government officials, and any other personnel to obtain current laws or bi-laws.

Equipment security:

Keep all equipment separate during any data center relocation or IT seminar relocation. Mixing equipment with others can cause attention if the equipment isn't labeled properly. This includes dollies, tools, and other truck equipment.

Off site precautions:

Find a vendor that has unmarked trucks. Trucks that are wrapped with an attractive label and keywords like electronic or computer equipment will draw the attention to thieves. Furthermore, make sure the vendor is aware of any possible origin or destination safety issues or potential security risks. Things can change in a matter of a day if everyone isn't kept in the loop.

Weather precautions:

Find a safe and reliable vendor that will go the extra mile if any hazardous weather persists. Multiple routes mapped out will allow for a better and safe chance to get the computer and server equipment to the destination on time.


When contemplating over data center relocation vendors, hire a vendor that has a high level of insurance requirements that includes transport, cargo, and catastrophic insurance that actually protect you and the company. Ask for a COI (certificate of insurance.)

In-truck security system:

In our evolving world, new technology is constantly presenting itself. Mobile security systems located in trucks add another layer of protection for high valued equipment. Video cameras and sensors will alert the vendor and client if anyone is in the back of the truck. Expensive? Yes. Added Security? Absolutely!

There are many items to remember and take into consideration when finding a data center or server mover. Don t be fooled by hiring furniture movers. Ask your prospective vendor for testimonials, clients, and references. Don t cut yourself short, data center relocation's need to be done only once; so make sure it s done right the first time.

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