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National Computer Warehouse Services offers our clients unmatched, world class logistics. We personally manage your equipment between the point of origin to the point of use. With over thirteen years of completed services we are able to meet and resolve every client requirement; all while overcoming road blocks.

NCWS offers logistics that involve the integration of information, equipment handling, specialty equipment, inventory, packaging, transportation, overcoming physical obstacles, and security.

NCWS always plans ahead of the schedule in order to create an efficient logistics plan. We realize that the plan should be foolproof hardly with a minimum chance of failure and without a breakdown in the chain, all while keeping in mind there are extenuating circumstances.

We also feel that it is important to remember in logistic planning one should not be overconfident. Though the plan may be foolproof, NCWS knows that being overconfident, thinking that everything will go exactly as planned, is not always possible. We also know it is foolish to only depend upon only a single plan, and are always at the ready with prior experience to overcome any obstacle that may show.

National Computer Warehouse Services offers clients logistical peace of mind based on the individual needs of your project. NCWS handles logistics very seriously, and is aware that it is one of the single most important components that creates the world class service we offer our clients.

  • A few additional details that we proudly offer in any of our services are:
  1. Specialty new non marked trucks, and vans (reduces possible security risks), all dedicated to only your equipment and/or on-site services. Your equipment stays secured in one truck from start to finish, with at least one NCWS team member in the truck/van at all times. At a minimum NCWS will have a team of two staff in a truck or van in any project.
  2. Specialty project equipment.
  3. Systematic packaging for all equipment to eliminate humidity, static, and shock.
  4. Supplies that are tailored specifically to your project.
  5. Specialized anti-humidity/anti-static/anti-shock packaging/Tyvek products.
  6. Dedicated (non-outsourced or sub-contracted) project managers, and team members for all of NCWS's involvement in service, this includes any transportation or transportation vehicles.

Client Reference and Informational Materials: Populated Rack Doorway Information Chart & Considerations

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