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Thinking About Making the Switch to Mac from PC? Here's What You Should Know

Thinking About Making the Switch to Mac from PC? Here's What You Should Know

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, January 02 6:00

When IBM reported that it saved $270 per user by switching to Macs, businesses began considering a switch. But the security and reliability benefits could be offset by the pitfalls. Before you make the leap, here are a few things to consider.


MacBook Pro laptops are difficult to find for less than $1,000, especially if you re planning to invest in the newest model. In contrast, businesses can often get a deal on a PC that puts it closer to the $700 range. That price difference can add up, especially for businesses that purchase equipment for hundreds or thousands of employees. However, Macs generally have fewer technical issues, reducing the time the device spends out of commission due to various problems. They also are less likely to bring malware into the network, especially if a business s entire infrastructure relies on the Mac O/S.

Learning Curve

One of the biggest deterrents is the assumption that a PC user can t easily learn a Mac, assuming they re too different. PC users are often surprised to learn the operating systems aren t as far apart as they originally thought. Instead of Windows Explorer, you ll find your files in the Finder. You ll also lose the backspace key, but you ll find delete serves the same purpose. To get the same functionality the delete key gives you on a PC, you ll need to press the function key and the delete key in combination. These small differences may seem big at first, but once you ve practiced them for a while, you ll find they come naturally. Many Mac stores offer beginner-level training courses for free or at low cost, so it might be worthwhile to sign up. If you have a large staff, consider bringing in an expert to train employees as you make the switch.


Some believe that Apple devices are immune from a virus. Unfortunately, this isn t the case. It may be less likely, but the Mac OS can be hit with malware. Just as your business would invest in antivirus software for your Windows devices, you should also put the same type of protection in place for your Mac hardware. The primary reason Windows-based viruses are more prevalent is that Windows has a larger market share, making it a better target for hackers. But even if most attempts are designed for Windows environments, your end users could fall prey to phishing attempts and other forms of online fraud. You ll still need to educate your employees on safe tech habits, including maintaining strong passwords. This will keep your password-protected systems safe from malicious activity.

Both Mac and Windows PCs have their pros and cons, depending on the environment where they re being used. It s important that business owners weigh those pros and cons and determine the best investment for their unique work conditions. The extra cost may be well worth it for some business, especially if they re regularly dealing with computer crashes and viruses. In general, it s important that businesses avoid assuming that the higher price and slight learning curve make it the wrong choice for them.

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