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Data Center Cable Management

When making a move either down the street or across the country, a company must take extra precautions to protect their vulnerable and expensive electronic equipment. Not doing so could be a costly mistake, and many who have lived through it know this first-hand. Experienced business owners know the value of hiring a qualified company who can help with the server rack cable management. Here are three reasons why you should consider NCWS to help your business with this vital task:

Boxing: When putting cables and other peripherals in a box, many employees will not go out of their way to properly organize and stow their equipment. This makes it nearly impossible for people to find what they are looking for at the new site, wasting many otherwise productive hours at work. With a professional moving company such as NCWS, you will not have to fret over this task as we will do all the organizing and boxing up of the cables as well as the setting up at the new location.

Server room: The average person is lost when they come into a server room for the first time. Your organization would be taking a risk assigning hourly employees to dismantle and box the servers. Instead, a smart leader would hire NCWS because he or she wants someone who will know the ins and outs of server room cable management. Remember, when around servers and expensive computers, a qualified professional is unlikely to make a mistake that will damage the servers or compromise your valuable data.

Reassembling: Most people can take apart an electronic item and put it in a box. However, ask them to put the item back together when arriving at the destination and the problems arise. Parts have gone missing, things aren t fitting as they did before, and soon you have an IT nightmare in your hands. With NCWS, our data moving company will see the data center cable management taken care of quickly and without issues.

When looking to have a comprehensive and effective solution for a move, consider hiring NCWS. Our professionals possess the knowledge and qualifications to move expensive and sensitive electronics safely and securely.

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