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Processes Involved In Cleaning a Data Center

Processes Involved In Cleaning a Data Center

by Shawn Simon on Tuesday, March 18 14:37

There are many process involved in cleaning a data center. Here, we re going to focus on the sub floor and ceiling rather than all the other surfaces and equipment in a server room. Not only does the surface of the sub floor and ceiling need to be cleaned, it s a good idea to apply an epoxy coating to encapsulate the sub floor. Together, these processes can help reduce the amount of dust and dirt floating through the air in your server room.

Sub floor Surface Cleaning

The properly clean the sub floor in a data center, you ve got to begin with vacuuming the concrete sub floor plenum. This should be done with filtered vacuums that are specialized for cleaning data centers. Any particulates left behind could be carried into the air flow system for the room and result in down time. These dust and dirt particulates can accumulate on equipment causing it to fail prematurely due to excessive heat or static discharge.

Ceiling Cleaning

Along with the sub floor, particulates can accumulate on ceilings as well. Dirt and dust that gets caught inside the drop ceiling or on the surface of the ceiling can also be carried into the air flow system. Using filtered vacuums as well as wiping with micro fiber cloths and anti-static cleaner is the best way to collect these particles and remove them from the server room. A properly designed preventative maintenance program ensures your equipment will remain functional for a long time to come.

Sub floor Encapsulation

In addition to cleaning the sub floor, ceilings, and other surfaces of your server room, any preventative maintenance program should include sub floor encapsulation. This involves the application of an epoxy coating on the concrete sub floor surface. This serves as a dust and vapor barrier on the sub floor plenum. The epoxy is manually applied to the surface to reduce concrete dusting. The reduction in airborne particulates helps to reduce the accumulation of dust and dirt on the cooling systems and surfaces of your equipment.

National Computer Warehouse Services

For the past thirteen years, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has been moving and cleaning server rooms across the country. We ve got the experience and the resources to help you keep your data center clean. Give us a call to find out how we re earned such a great reputation with our clients.

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