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5 Common PC Problems That Can Be Resolved by Lower-Tier Technicians

5 Common PC Problems That Can Be Resolved by Lower-Tier Technicians

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, October 31 6:00

Help desks face challenges when it comes to staffing enough experts to handle every type of tech problem that can emerge. This is especially true in organizations where one help desk serves a large number of end users. On most help desks, each ticket is routed to a technician, who is then responsible for resolving it or escalating it to a higher-level technician. The higher-level technicians often command bigger salaries due to the market value of their specialized knowledge.

Your business doesn t have to employ a full staff of six-figure tech specialists to serve hundreds of end users. Instead, you can simply assign a few customer-friendly representatives to review tickets and handle a selection of commonly-reported problems. With a detailed resolution description on hand, they can resolve a portion of each day s tickets, freeing up your higher-level technicians to focus on more difficult-to-solve problems. Here are a few common PC problems that beginner technicians can easily be trained to resolve.

Frozen PC

Every PC will lock up occasionally and when that happens, there are only a couple of things a person can do. One is to simultaneously press the Control, Alt, and Delete keys until the Task Manager appears. At that point, they can then close any problematic applications. In some cases, though, the computer remains unresponsive, at which point holding down the power button until it shuts off is the only option.

Unable to Log In

Your customer-facing representatives should have the ability to quickly reset passwords for end users. For security purposes, require end users to answer a few verification questions before resetting their passwords and issue a temporary password that they can then reset to something only they know.

Can t Print

Printing problems can be among the most common and frustrating calls technicians take. However, frontline representatives can at least rule out the most basic causes. Train these technicians to walk users through emptying the print queue and cycling the printer off and on before escalating the call.

Can t Get to Internet

This type of call can refer to a variety of issues, from a widespread network outage to a lost desktop icon. Lower-tier technicians should ask each caller to check to make sure the LAN connection in the back has blinking lights. If your PCs are set up on Wi-Fi, you can instead have them go through basic Wi-Fi troubleshooting, including rebooting their PC, before escalating.

No Sound from Speakers

Sound loss is a common ticket that can sometimes be easily resolved. First have the user check to ensure the power button on the speaker wasn t somehow pressed to off. They should also check the volume on the speaker and the wire connecting the speaker to the PC. Lastly, the end user could check to ensure that the volume is up on their PC s sound control.

By utilizing lower-tier technicians, businesses can save on payroll costs. Identify small measures your representatives can take on some of your most common calls to cut down on each higher-tier technician s workload. The result will be a more efficient helpdesk at a fraction of the cost.

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