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Planning a Data Center Relocation? Avoid Your Worst Nightmares

Planning a Data Center Relocation? Avoid Your Worst Nightmares

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, October 13 6:00

If you're planning a data center relocation in the near future, you may be aware that things can go wrong. In fact, if your move proceeds without a single issue, your IT relocation will be a rare phenomenon. Server movers specialize in ensuring every aspect of a move is carefully planned and expertly executed to minimize problems.

Small issues can easily be overcome, costing a business at most a little extra money and downtime. There are a few things that can be disastrous to a businesses, however, and businesses should take extra precautions to avoid them.

Equipment Damage

When movers damage furniture, waiting for a replacement is the biggest consequence. When movers damage an essential piece of server equipment, a business can be down for days, with employees unable to access files and applications essential to performing their job duties. It's important that a business ensure adequate backups are in place and that they can be accessed via a secondary source if a server should sustain damage during a move.

Server movers use proven methods to protect each piece of equipment is safeguarded during the move. This includes stabilizing the equipment as it travels from its location to the truck, as well as while en route to the new location on bumpy roadways. With proper insulation, each piece of equipment can sustain unexpected trauma during the move.

Underestimating Power Requirements

One of the most important things you'll be asked to do when you move servers is to plan for power requirements in the new location. Many businesses use their current power setup as a benchmark, but this may not account for differences in building structures.

For best results, a business should inventory all equipment and wiring and determine power requirements as though the data center were being created from scratch. Power requirements should take into account the current server infrastructure, as well as any future growth that is planned at the location. If a business creates a scalable power structure in a data center, It will avoid spending money on upgrades in the years following the server relocation.

Exceeding Your Budget

Many businesses have tight budgets each year, operating within a fixed estimated income. Whether a data center supports multiple clients or one business, there will likely be a small amount set aside to move the data center. When a move exceeds that budget, it can put the business in a difficult situation, causing it to go into debt or make cuts in other essential areas.

While all expenses can't be predicted, a move will progress more smoothly if a thorough inventory is conducted and all possible expenses are included. If you're working with a server moving company, consider having a visual estimate completed to make sure the company has a thorough understanding of your needs.

Data center relocation specialists have experience in avoiding these nightmare scenarios to ensure each move goes smoothly. One of the best ways to avoid them is to understand what they are and put plans in place well in advance that address each of them.

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