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Is Workplace by Facebook the Right Choice for Your Small Business?

Is Workplace by Facebook the Right Choice for Your Small Business?

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, October 17 6:00

As social media continues to creep into the workplace environment, Facebook wants in on the action. The tech giant recently launched Workplace by Facebook, a collaboration tool that aims to replace email as the preferred method of interoffice communication. As businesses consider whether to make the move to this new platform, however, it s important to first understand all of its pros and cons. Here are a few things to know about Workplace by Facebook.

It s Familiar

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Facebook s collaboration tool is that it emulates the look and feel of Facebook. This is familiar to many professionals, which means that leaders will need to invest less training time. Employees can post business-related status updates and interact through comments on their coworkers posts. For those who have used Facebook s Groups feature, the format will feel even more familiar, since Workplace operates very similarly to Groups.

It s Inexpensive

Workplace collaboration tools can vary in price, but businesses know they ll likely need to pay to get something of value. Facebook s pricing starts at $3 per active user each month, which covers businesses with fewer than 1,000 active monthly users. For larger businesses, the deal is even better, dropping as low as $1 per active user per month once businesses top 10,000 active users. Businesses pay only for active users, so that employee who refuses to log in won t cost your business anything.

It Incorporates Video and Voice

Before your business invests in a separate video conferencing solution, check into what Facebook is offering. Video and voice calling are built into the tool, including a feature that allows professionals to shoot live video and share it with coworkers. Being able to chat directly within the interface will help businesses streamline their collaboration, especially if they re in an environment where some employees work remotely.

It Includes Instant Messaging

Tools like Hipchat and Slack have created a demand for in-house chat. Instead of picking up the phone or walking across the office, workers can stay in constant communication with each other. This is another tool that helps in a business world that is becoming increasingly remote. A professional could communicate with coworkers while rushing from one meeting to another, directly within the Workplace by Facebook platform.

It Extends Outside Your Business

Recognizing that professional communication isn t limited to interoffice, Facebook has built in Multi-Company Groups, which lets businesses set up shared spaces with their clients and other business partners. If a team is working with third-party providers or independent contractors to complete a project, collaboration can easily be set up through the dashboard. Working with partners like Deloitte and Microsoft, Facebook promises future integrations.

Facebook is already the preferred social media platform. By moving into the business space, the site is positioning itself to be the go-to tool for everything people do. However, there are tools that have been around much longer that have more features, so it s important that professionals weigh all of the options before making a decision. Despite its inherent ease-of-use, Facebook isn t the best choice for every business.

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