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Working in IT? These States Are the Best for Tech Jobs

Working in IT? These States Are the Best for Tech Jobs

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, August 21, 2017 12:30

It's a great time for information technology graduates. They're already heading into a job market with a low unemployment rate, while also having an in-demand skill. Businesses across all industries need talented IT professionals and in many markets, that demand outpaces supply.

If you work in IT and are open to relocating, you should pay close attention to a recent survey published by employment relocation firm CapRelo. The company carefully reviewed LinkedIn job postings during a week in early June and determined which metropolitan areas had the most open positions. Here are a few notable findings from the survey.

Top States for IT

For IT professionals, Washington DC proves to be the top relocation spot, with nearly 39,000 open tech positions in the week surveyed alone. This number will only increase when Yelp opens a new office in the city, bringing an estimated 500 extra jobs over the next five years. Professionals will also benefit from higher salaries than the national average, with D.C. joining San Francisco, Seattle, and New York as cities that pay 17 to 33 percent higher.

Not surprisingly, startup-friendly Seattle came in second for I.T. openings, with more than 20,000 job openings. D.C. and Seattle were followed by San Francisco (16,622), Baltimore (9,630), Toronto (7,256), and Mexico City (4,101). Companies already have difficulty finding talent for their tech positions, especially as demand for data analysts and app developers continues to grow. In areas with a high concentration of I.T. jobs, younger professionals can be at an advantage, since they'll see less competition for high-paying jobs.

Top States for Chosen Specialties

IT workers can also command higher salaries by choosing a field where tech workers are in great demand. Although many IT professionals gravitate toward positions with third-party cloud service providers and app design firms, there are niches that pay better than others. As you choose an industry for your work, consider which areas are most in demand and where workers are most needed in those industries.

The top-paying industry for IT workers is finance, which has a higher overall need for workers in New York (42,079), Philadelphia (11,618), and Charlotte (5,455). The medical field is also one that pays IT workers well, with an outstanding career outlook. Job openings in that field are high in Boston (23,488), Phoenix (12,708), and Denver (10,264). Although these numbers can shift from one month to the next, IT workers who are open to relocating can benefit from routinely searching job openings within their chosen field and noting which cities have the most opportunities. While Seattle and San Francisco are likely to remain technology hubs well into the future, there are also cities that are desperately building their tech presence and looking for people to help. Watch those lists, as well, to catch opportunities before they're posted.

It isn't always easy to find work, especially without a fully-stocked resume. But being in a city where demand for specialized workers is fierce can boost your odds. You'll also find that you have more opportunities for advancement in a city where tech openings are consistently being posted.

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