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What Businesses Should Know About a DC Server Rack Move in Springfield

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When it s time to move a datacenter server rack, many Springfield businesses worry about equipment damage. After all, a business s servers hold the applications and data that employees rely on each day to do its job. Eventually a growing business will have a need to relocate its servers, but doing so can be temporarily disruptive.

When Springfield-area businesses need computer server relocation, many have found that server rack moving companies provide a valuable service. National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) specializes in computer relocation and server relocation, bringing our extensive experiences to businesses of all types. We work directly with companies to describe the services we provide and create a customized moving plan to address each concern.

Risk Mitigation

Whether we re managing communication rack moves or handling a relocation of employee equipment, NCWS s team of server movers keeps equipment security in mind. Our unique tools keep sensitive equipment protected from all of the risks that come with moving IT hardware. NCWS s rack movers remove each piece of equipment and wrap it in our specialized ENVIRO-Packaging, which protects it against static and humidity, two environmental factors that can damage hardware during a move.

In addition to our ENVIRO-Packaging, our rack movers use anti-shock pallets to house computers and servers during a move. These pallets are uniquely designed for NCWS in order to absorb shock while the equipment is moved from the data center to the truck. Using these pallets, datacenter movers can secure equipment against bumps even when equipment is being transported across multiple states.

Theft Concerns

One of the top concerns that comes up during an office or data center move is that equipment will become compromised during the process. During the day of any I.T. move, multiple people are often allowed access to areas of an office or data center that they wouldn t otherwise have. To ensure safety, our datacenter movers wear proper identification and uniforms so that they can be readily identified.

Data center migration transportation can also pose concerns for businesses. NCWS always uses employees of its own server moving company to handle every aspect of the move, from planning to transporting the equipment to unloading at the remote location. This eliminates many theft risks that come from relocating equipment.

Data Security

As many businesses downsize their server rooms in favor of migrating to the cloud, data center decommissioning services are more in demand than ever. Our IT movers realize the data that resides on server and computer hard drives and provide data destruction services to keep businesses safe. Before recycling equipment, our IT movers bring our professional shredding equipment to a business s location.

While hard drive shredding is a proven way to ensure data doesn t end up in the wrong hands, our server equipment movers implement a two-step process that first involves erasing hard drives using a proven process called degaussing. We can perform this destruction process whether a business is implementing a data center move, a computer move, or simply removing equipment from an office to free up space.

Many professionals contact us, asking, My company needs help moving our servers. What do I do? To begin planning your data center move or office equipment relocation, complete one of our questionnaires and we ll provide a free quote.

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