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National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) knows that any server move requires a specialized expertise that only a company with years of experience has. We ve successfully coordinated and carried out numerous server room moves in the past decade, working with companies in a wide variety of industries.

Migrating even one server from one location to another is a complicated juggling act, since most businesses want to minimize downtime during the move process. At NCWS, we realize that business continuity relies on careful preplanning to make sure all users have access to files and applications as long as possible on the last day the server is in use at the old location. Additionally, we realize that the next workday, files and applications must be available without fail. This is accomplished by working directly with your team in the months before your move to make sure we fully understand your infrastructure.

Planning Server Moves

We work directly with your team from the first time you contact us, determining your specific needs and creating an estimate for the entire project. Once you ve approved the estimate, we ll assign a project manager who will work with you to gain as much information as possible about your existing hardware and software setup, including details about the users in various locations who connect to those servers. By determining exactly which end users need access to various files and applications both before and after the server move, we ll be able to ensure everyone is able to do their work uninterrupted.

This careful pre-planning also adds in any potential problems that might lead to a delay on move day. Since most businesses only build in enough time to move the server, power it on, and test it, even a problem that delays the process for a few hours can be disastrous. We build in contingencies where necessary and explain risks where we see them, to make sure your business is fully informed well in advance of the move.

Safe and Reliable IT Movers

Our team s combined experience with information technology moves will let you know your valuable equipment is in good hands. We employ tested techniques to ensure your hardware is stabilized as it is transported, whether your server move is down the street or across the country. When it arrives at its destination, it will be set up as specified by your business and we ll give you the go ahead to begin.

NCWS works with businesses to plan and manage successful server moves. If your business has a server move planned for the future, contact NCWS to get a quote.

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