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For businesses in Waukegan, an IT relocation project can be extremely disruptive. Equipment must be powered down, packed up, and safely moved to the new location with minimal disruption. Whether a business is planning a dc server rack move or an I.T. move involving office equipment, a qualified server moving company can help.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) provides data center migration transportation and planning services to businesses throughout the Waukegan area. With years of experience in handling data center moves, our team of qualified it movers can handle any move, whether it involves a small server room, a large datacenter, or an office relocation project that includes both employee computers and server equipment.

A Personal Approach

What sets NCWS apart from other server equipment movers is its dedication to providing personalized service. From the time we begin planning a company s move, we personally meet to work out the details. A project manager will be assigned to help plan a business s data center move throughout the process, answering any questions that business has.

This hands-on approach extends to move transportation. Where many datacenter movers outsource certain parts of a move to a third-party provider, NCWS handles every aspect of a business s move in-house. This includes data center move transportation, with our own experienced server moving specialists staying with the equipment at every part of the move. We assign two specialists to each truck to provide the extra level of security a business needs during any IT relocation.

The Ultimate Protection

Servers must be protected during transit. Realizing this, NCWS employs its own specialized suite of packing products to protect servers from any dangers they face during a server move. Our ENVIRO-Packaging protects servers from humidity and shock during the transport process. This includes the time our server moving company loads the equipment onto our trucks and the bumpy travel process.

In addition to protecting the internal components of a piece of equipment, NCWS uses anti-shock pallets with specialized technology to stabilize equipment during transit. We are the only computer movers to have access to these pallets, which uses visco-elastic polymer disks to cut down on shock. Each server mover will pack every piece of equipment into one of these pallets to protect it during relocation.

Reducing Liability

During the process of working out logistics with companies, NCWS s data center movers provide information on the insurance that will come with each move project. This insurance protects a business s servers and facilities during a data center relocation, while also providing liability against injury to computer movers from the time they arrive on site. Often this insurance is required by facilities managers and NCWS will provide the documentation necessary to help.

NCWS s computer relocation includes coverage against employee injury from heavy lifting, asset and facility damage, personal and corporate liability during travel, and assets during transportation. Each computer server relocation will come with this insurance to provide businesses peace of mind.

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If your Waukegan business needs help with a computer server relocation, NCWS can help. Complete one of our move questionnaires today to get a free quote.

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