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Washington DC Server & Computer Equipment Relocation

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If your Washington DC-area business plans an upcoming data center or office move, you likely have concerns. You want to make sure your equipment arrives safely at the new location, but you also want to make sure downtime is minimized. Having your equipment offline for days at a time while movers unrack, package, and load equipment onto trucks can lead to serious productivity loss.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) specializes in handling the logistics of any technology move, no matter the scope. We can do quick turnaround moves, where a business has little notice that it has to be out of a space. We can also take care of server & computer equipment relocation projects that have months of advance notice, organizing every phase of the move to help businesses be as well prepared as possible.

Careful Planning

The biggest part of any relocation happens before move day. Logistics specialists work directly with a business to plan every aspect of a server & computer equipment relocation, learning as much as possible about the equipment that will be moved. NCWS assigns a project manager to your relocation from the day you decide to work with us. That specialist will work directly with your team to flesh out the details of your move and come up with a plan.

During this discovery phase, our technicians will also line up the resources necessary to make your move happen quickly and securely. This includes the unmarked vehicles that will transport your equipment, as well as the packing materials that will keep it safe from shock, static, and humidity during the move. We ll line up the personnel who will take care of your move and schedule a date that works best for your organization.

On Move Day

On the designated date, our highly professional team will show up at your location at the scheduled time. They will be dressed to be easily identified as they move through your sensitive work areas. They can act as an extension of your existing teams or as the sole relocation specialists moving your equipment. We carefully screen each employee and use only our own staff for moves, so you can rest assured that your relocation will not be passed off to a third party.

Whether you re moving locally or long distance, our own vehicles will be used to transport your equipment. At least one NCWS employee will remain with the vehicle throughout your server & computer equipment relocation, helping keep your equipment safe throughout the move. Once we arrive at your destination, we can place your equipment in the racks, preparing it to be powered up by your capable staff. Our team of technicians have the IT experience necessary to help you with as much of the move as you need.

If your business is located in the greater Washington DC area and you plan a server & computer equipment relocation in the future, complete one of our relocation questionnaires and let us quote a price. We have affordable prices and reliable, expert services that can help ensure your business is up and running quickly after your move.

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