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Data security is an important element of any technology in the Washington DC area. In addition to the many political offices in the area, there are numerous businesses, some completely unrelated to government. The servers and devices that support all of the businesses and government agencies in Washington DC are driven by data centers and server rooms located throughout the area.

Occasionally, one or more of those servers must be moved, whether as part of an office move or on its own. While downtime is a consideration, many area leaders cite security as a top consideration. Data must be kept safe at all times, whether servers are being moved to the truck, transported, or unloaded into the new location. Trusting equipment relocation to furniture movers can be risky, since they may not take the same specialized care that specialized data center & server movers would.

Equipment Movers

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) works with businesses throughout the country to keep the data on their servers safe. Whether they re moving locally, regionally, or cross-country, our data center & server movers can responsibly relocate their equipment. Our equipment relocation specialists are trained to handle sensitive servers and computers, whether they re on a business s desks or in a full-scale data center.

Security is our top priority. We work well in advance of a business s move to identify security measures we can take to keep data safe. This includes assigning talented data center & server movers to arrive at the location on time, adhering to the business s security policies and our high professional standards. Our movers use specialized packaging to ensure a business s equipment is safe from shock, humidity, and static throughout the transportation process.

Reliable Transportation

Our concern for a business s security doesn t end once its items are on our trucks. Our equipment transport is handled by at least one of our highly-skilled data center & server movers, who stay with the truck throughout its journey. Since each of our team members is carefully screened both for expertise and safety, this means businesses can rely on our team to keep their equipment safe whether they re in the parking lot or on the interstate.

To further safeguard equipment, each of NCWS s vehicles is unmarked, keeping the equipment inside unidentifiable to those passing by it. If businesses need equipment recycled, we provide hard drive removal, sanitation, and shredding services to ensure no trace of data can be retrieved from the drive itself. We can dispose of computers and servers to a business s specifications to ensure all personal environmental commitments are met. Once disposal is complete, NCWS can also provide the paperwork necessary for organizations to prove to regulatory authorities that they are in compliance with their data security standards.

If your Washington DC business plans a relocation in the future, NCWS can help. We staff a full team of highly qualified data center & server movers who can help keep your data safe while your equipment travels to its new location. Complete one of our questionnaires to learn how our IT specialists can help your business with your technology needs.

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