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If your business is located in the Washington DC area, you likely place a high priority on cybersecurity. The data and applications that reside on your servers, computers, and mobile devices could put your business s reputation at risk if they should somehow become compromised. Most of the time, this means investing in high-quality software protection and information technology professionals who can help keep all of that equipment safe.

When a business needs to move some or all of that equipment, however, its leaders need to come up with a temporary solution to keep their data safe. Often server room doors are propped open and unfamiliar personnel move freely throughout office spaces on move day. It can be easy for a piece of equipment to be intercepted during the process, making it more important than ever that businesses invest in professional relocation services.

A Plan for Security

At National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS), we have a specialized data center relocation & migration team that has years of experience in safely moving equipment from one location to another. We handle local and long distance moves for organizations of all sizes and types. We can move data centers, office equipment, and server rooms, crafting a failsafe plan that will help businesses enjoy a seamless transition.

From the time a business contacts us, we consider security in every recommendation we make. Once equipment leaves a facility, it travels in an unmarked truck manned by at least one of NCWS s top data center relocation & migration specialists. The security measures we take keep equipment safe throughout the lifecycle of the move, giving business leaders the peace of mind they need.

The Value of Expertise

Standard moving companies often lack the specialized experience necessary to keep equipment safe during a relocation. They may take measures such as loading equipment on palates and stabilizing it in the truck, but they don t protect against dangers such as static and moisture. Our data center relocation & migration team uses custom packaging that safeguards the sensitive components of computers and servers. This dramatically reduces the risk of damage during a move.

Businesses also find general-purpose movers will merely offload the equipment in a new location, leaving the details up to employees. NCWS can re-rack the equipment in the same configuration it had previously or a new configuration as specified by the business s team. This will save employees time on move day, which will be a stressful time anyway. If a business has old equipment that needs to be responsibly recycled, we can handle that part of the process, as well, using our two-step sanitation and hard drive shredding process that keeps data safe.

The first step to working with NCWS for a data center relocation & migration or office move is to complete one of our secure questionnaires. We ll review a business s needs and make a recommendation. Once a business decides to work with us, we assign a project manager who works directly with that business throughout the days leading up to the relocation.

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