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Vermont may be known for its dairy farming, but the state has emerged as a serious contender in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, and more. This has put business leaders in the position of learning as much as possible about today s technology and how consumer data must be handled. Not only is a business s reputation at stake, serious fines could be imposed for security violations.

When Vermont businesses need help with data destruction, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) is here to help. We have a full staff of highly-experienced information technology move professionals who are equipped to handle every aspect of removing your outdated electronic equipment. We realize that the hard drives on those devices can contain extremely sensitive information and we work to protect it at every stage of the process.

A Decade of Experience

For more than a decade, we ve been helping businesses with their information technology needs. As the industry has evolved, techniques for destroying electronic data have become more sophisticated, allowing professionals to enjoy more sophisticated data removal. NCWS uses the latest technology to erase and physically destroy hard drives so that no retrievable data remains.

Realizing that hard drives contain a vast array of information, including internet and application passwords, customer credit card data, social security numbers, and personal health information, we take your security needs seriously. We use a two-phase process that first changes the magnetic field. Called degaussing, this part of the process makes the data on a drive completely unreadable.

Hard Drive Shredding

NCWS doesn t stop once the drive is clear. We use high-tech hard drive shredding equipment to break the drive into tiny pieces. These chunks of empty hard drive space are then safe, since no data is contained on them. Industry experts have found that this two-phase process is the only way to fully ensure a business s data is safe when a hard drive reaches its end of life.

Thanks to new equipment, NCWS can now bring hard drive shredding to your Vermont business. Mobile hard drive shredding allows you to have had drive destruction occur on your own property, allowing you to be involved in the process. NCWS will work with your business to make sure you have the information you need for your files once destruction is complete. If an audit should become necessary, this documentation will help you prove that you do everything you can to protect your data.

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