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Toronto businesses rely on their data centers to keep their sensitive information safe. When it s time to relocate that data center, however, they know they shouldn t just trust that move to any server mover. Professional data center movers have years of experience in safely moving equipment from one location to the next.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) specializes in server moves, bringing our extensive experience to Toronto businesses of all sizes. Whether you re an IT services provider storing information for many businesses or you have your own dedicated data center for your business, you can trust your move to our talented technology movers.

More Than Movers

Moving is a specialized skill in itself, requiring dedicated equipment and padding material that keeps items like furniture and knickknacks in perfect condition during the move from the starting location to the truck, from the truck to the new location, and during transport between these locations. For decades, homeowners and businesses have realized the need for special handling for electronics, especially computers and monitors.

In the data center setting, this special care is essential. A single server can hold all of a business s critical data, leading to hours, even days of downtime if damaged in transit. While most business now back up their data, some technology departments deal with aging server equipment housing databases and software that can t easily be recreated if something happens to the original equipment holding it.

Specialized Movers

NCWS doesn t just provide movers to Toronto businesses as they move data centers. Our specialized data center movers are well educated in information technology, with a full awareness of the unique needs of this type of equipment. From the time a Toronto-area company contacts us, we ll assign an experienced, knowledgeable project manager who will meet with that business to plan ever facet of the upcoming move. In the weeks leading up to the big move day, the assigned project manager will stay in touch with professionals at the location to answer any questions and refine plans. Our server moving company will make sure that on the day of the move, a full team of talented data center movers arrive with the equipment and specialized materials necessary to make sure your equipment arrives in top shape.

Preparing for the Move

When you contact NCWS for your upcoming data center relocation, you ll know exactly what to expect. Our talented server movers will work with your team to discover exactly what your needs are and provide a proposal that addresses each of those needs. You ll have all the information you need to make a decision about whether we re the server moving company you want to handle some of your business s most important assets.

Once you ve decided to work with NCWS, we ll help you throughout the planning process so that you ll know what you need to do to prepare. We re aware that such an important move requires weeks of careful planning to minimize surprises and make sure you re well prepared. Our server movers have had the years of experience necessary to know exactly what you can expect at each turn and help you prepare for it all.

Protecting Your Equipment

When you choose NCWS as your server movers, you have access to our insurance protection that covers your equipment and protects against injury while we re on location. Many businesses find that this insurance documentation appeases their property managers, who grant access to the site on the day of the move. This also protects your business, since you ll have the peace of mind of knowing you have millions of dollars in insurance protection while our server relocation services specialists are on site.

In addition to that insurance protection, you ll also see that our technology movers take every measure possible to protect your server equipment. We use packaging that helps prevent exposure to static, shock, and humidity during transport. We also work with you to get as many details as possible about both the departing and arriving locations to make sure we have all of the move equipment necessary to navigate the building.

Unmarked Vehicles

Once your server equipment is in our vehicles, you still have the assurance of knowing your data is in good hands. Your equipment is transported in unmarked vehicles that are set up to specifically handle your move. The same technology moves who were on site during your move will be handling the transport of your equipment, so you ll already be personally acquainted with them. If, for some reason, one of the vehicles transporting your equipment malfunctioned, NCWS has a backup plan in place to avoid costly delays.

To keep your locations as secure as possible, all of our friendly, professional data center movers can be easily identified by their attire. You ll likely have quite a few unauthorized personnel milling about on move day and it s important, for security purposes, that you can identify the people entering and exiting your sensitive work areas. By ensuring our server relocation services staff are dressed to be easily identified, we give your business the extra element of security it needs.

Our Experience

Since 2001, NCWS has provided top-quality server relocation services to companies of all sizes. We ve handled large-scale server moves and smaller office electronics moves for small and midsize businesses. Our breadth of experience equips our data center movers to handle a variety of move types with ease. It also gives us the experience necessary to provide accurate quotes at no cost to businesses to allow them to make fully-informed decisions.

We have offices in multiple locations to make it easier for us to handle long-distance server relocation services at a lower cost to businesses. If a data center is being relocated to a separate state, for instance, we will often have data center movers nearby who can meet the equipment when it arrives, allowing us to have the team necessary to handle the move on both ends. If your business plans a data center relocation in the future, complete one of our free project proposal questionnaires to get a free estimate for skilled server movers to help.

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