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Top Tips to Keep Your Online Store Running During a Server Move

Top Tips to Keep Your Online Store Running During a Server Move

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, May 18 6:00

A server room can be extremely disruptive to any business, but this is especially true for a business that deals directly with customers. Any downtime a business experiences can be deadly for business, harming its reputation and potentially scaring customers away permanently.

Server movers regularly work with retailers of all types, both in brick-and-mortar setups and online environments. When a business is moving its data from one location to another, it s important that all members of that business start planning early to make the transition as seamless as possible. Here are a few tips to make sure your server move brings as little downtime as possible.

Duplicate Your Efforts

One of the best ways to make such a move is to duplicate your efforts. This only works well if you re either moving your data to the cloud or setting up a secondary server that you can then set up at the new location. If you can leave the old equipment running until you re absolutely sure your new site is working perfectly, your transition will likely be completely unnoticed by your customers.

Avoid Peak Times

If your online store has been running for a while, you likely are well aware of your site s peak activity times. Perhaps your site is slowest in the warm summer months or maybe your site visits drop dramatically once school is back in session. Watch your visitor levels for a while and note the times that business seems to drop off. Choose a time and date for the transition that will likely see low customer volume anyway and make sure the day or two following the transition are also traditionally slow times.

Use a Redirect

If you want to be cautious about your server move, you could set up a temporary hosting solution for your site that will serve as a backup. During the move, visitors could be redirected to that site, where they ll have access to place orders and browse items just as they would if your site was fully functional. This doesn t have to be an identical, full-featured version of your site but it can at least give customers the ability to check orders, place new orders, or get contact information for your customer support line.

Work with Professionals

You likely have access to a wide variety of professionals, whether through existing relationships or vendors who would be happy to help. By bringing in IT relocation specialists or asking for help from your new web hosting provider, you can often save money and avoid the embarrassment of downtime. If you re working with a server moving company to handle the relocation of your sensitive equipment, they ll likely be more than happy to work with you to find ways that you can avoid downtime.

A server move can upset business operations temporarily, especially for online retailers. With careful planning and the advice of professionals, you can set up a seamless transition, leaving your customers completely unaware that anything unusual is happening behind the scenes. While no move is without at least a few errors, the planning process can prevent some of the bigger ones that will bring the most embarrassment for your business.

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