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Office moves can vary widely in size and scope, from small businesses relocating a small workspace to large-scale corporate moves with data centers and multiple truckloads of equipment. When Los Angeles s businesses decide to plan a move, one of the most important steps they can take is to hire qualified server movers to organize and plan the move, as well as carry it out on the official move day.

NCWS has a team of skilled computer equipment movers who can handle all moves, big and small. Whether you re moving across the street or across the country, we have a nationwide infrastructure that can help. Our technology movers are among the best in the country, having successfully handled numerous moves for businesses of all types. We bring our years of experience to your workplace, helping walk you through each step of your move to make sure you re fully prepared.

Project Questionnaire

Each Los Angeles business move starts with a project questionnaire, which asks its employees specific questions about existing equipment, the items to be moved, the logistics of both the current and future buildings where equipment will be located, and any special instructions. Using the information on this questionnaire, our computer transport services team can provide a detailed quote to give you an idea of cost.

Once your Los Angeles business has decided to work with NCWS, we ll assign a project manager to handle your move from start to finish. These project managers have the experience necessary to advise you of any expectations you should have in advance of your move day. These can include challenges you might encounter, security preparations you need to make, or wiring you need to complete before your equipment arrives at the new location.

Spring Cleaning

Even Los Angeles-area businesses with no plans to move can utilize our services. We offer spring cleaning for office equipment and data centers throughout the area. Over time, dust can build up on equipment, making it operate less efficiently and reducing its life. Our data center movers can clean each piece of equipment to improve operations. Efficiency is especially important for a business s server equipment, since one server usually powers numerous devices throughout the organization.

If your business needs to free up space that currently houses clutter, our server movers can help with that, as well. We can remove old equipment and safely dispose of it, using our two-step hard drive destruction service that ensures your data will remain confidential. In addition to data center relocation, we also help businesses set up a document management system that will place old paper files on the server, where they can be backed up each day. Once the documents are safely stored, businesses can shred paper documents and get rid of file cabinets and boxes that are currently taking up much-needed space.

Qualified Professionals

NCWS prides itself on having some of the best technology movers and project managers in the business. We never use third-party services to help with moves, giving businesses the peace of mind of knowing that their equipment is safe in our hands. We carefully screen each employee we hire, choosing only those who have experience in technology moves. Each employee is trained on safely transporting equipment using our equipment and packaging, which keeps all computers and servers safe during the move.

Our server moving company also takes transportation seriously. We use unmarked trucks to transport equipment and assign two of our best computer equipment movers to drive each truck, whether your move is across town or to a completely separate part of the country. We handle moves throughout the U.S., so whether you re moving to or from Los Angeles, we can help.

Specialized Materials

Some computer transport services use pallets and blankets to move a business s equipment, but NCWS knows this can build up static and cause damage. Instead, our data center movers use our specialized anti-static, anti-humidity packaging that protects against some of the biggest dangers computers face during relocation. We also use specialized materials that protect equipment against shock during an office or data center relocation.

During the planning process, our server movers determine the age and condition of important server equipment and plan accordingly. Some businesses have file or application servers that are aging but need to remain in commission for a while longer. Our technology movers can take special care to ensure that equipment is safeguarded while it is being moved to and from the truck, as well as while the truck is in motion.

Secure Transport

Any server moving company knows the many dangers of transporting equipment by truck. Our Los Angeles clients choose us because of the extra effort we take in securing their sensitive computers and servers while they re on the road. Each truck is manned by two highly qualified data center movers who carry the equipment in unmarked trucks. Trucks that are marked with words that indicate equipment is inside are more vulnerable to break-ins while on the road, putting the equipment inside at risk. We are aware that your equipment contains important data that must be protected at all times and we take every effort to keep it safe.

In addition to our other insurance policies, our computer transport services include cargo/catastrophic insurance to cover any loss or damage that might occur while on the truck. This insurance can be adjusted to fit a client s specific needs to make sure you re covered. Each truck is equipped with security to further keep client equipment safe during the move process. Whether your move will be completed in the same day or will take hours of travel across the country, you can trust that your equipment is in safe hands with our highly-skilled server movers.

When your Los Angeles-area business plans a data center relocation, NCWS is the best server moving company for the job. We ll assign a project specialist to walk you through each step of the process, making sure your move progresses as smoothly as possible. Our data center movers are trained to handle a wide variety of technology issues within a business, making your job easier.

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