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Top Apps to Keep Your iOS and Android Devices Safe

Top Apps to Keep Your iOS and Android Devices Safe

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, January 08, 2018 11:30

Businesses invest serious money and effort into securing their network, realizing how devastating one security breach can be. But increasingly, employees use mobile devices to conduct business on the go. Even if you don’t issue work-specific phones to your employees, they’re likely checking office email when they’re away.

Unfortunately, once one of your team members leaves your environment, you lose control of security. An employee’s device can easily be hacked when they’re on an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Even if they’re careful to only work on secure networks, they could accidentally download malware to their devices, putting any business information on those devices at risk.

The good news is, there’s software that can help. Here are some popular apps to install on your workers’ mobile devices to prevent and detect a security breach.

Trend Micro

Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

A popular solution with IT professionals is Trend Micro, and its mobile version is designed to meet the unique needs of smartphones and tablets. Once installed, this software will block the latest threats and improve overall device performance. The software also includes a password manager to make it easier for mobile users to use multiple apps and websites.

Avast Mobile Security

Operating System: iOS, Android.

For small businesses, Avast’s free mobile security software may be sufficient to keep devices safe. Avast protects against malware and can perform system scans as needed. It also includes the ability to block calls and lock apps, providing an extra layer of convenience to your workers. It lacks the administrative tools of paid apps, so this might not be a good choice for businesses with IT departments that want to maintain control of everything.

Norton Mobile Security

Operating System: iOS, Android.

Symantec is a respected name in antivirus software, and its mobile edition provides comprehensive coverage for each device. This includes detecting unprotected Wi-Fi networks, the ability to lock the device remotely if it’s lost or stolen, and a privacy report to show where your personal data is being shared. Prices start at $29.99 per year for the basic plan that includes one device, but businesses will likely need to negotiate an enterprise pricing plan.


Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

One of the wisest things a business can do is require end users to access its network through VPN. This creates a tunnel between the device and the network, preventing data from being infiltrated. VyprVPN promises a higher level of protection than other VPN providers, including the ability to block attacks from restricted locations like China.


Operating Systems: iOS, Android.

If you’re on a budget, OpenVPN might be sufficient to keep your devices safe. This freeware can be run on mobile devices, as well as some Wi-Fi routers.

It’s important to set time aside to review the safety of mobile devices in your workplace. This includes considering your equipment disposal policies. Each mobile device contains data that can lead to a reputation-damaging breach if your business isn’t careful about disposal. National Computer Warehouse Services specializes in safe equipment recycling, with a process that includes shredding and erasing hard drives before disposal. Contact us to learn how we can help you with your mobile device security.

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