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Technology Movers Offer Asset Management Services to Weston Businesses

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Tracking computer and server equipment can be a grueling task, growing more complicated as an organization grows. Over time, new equipment is added and removed, often without inventory specialists being made aware of it. When computer relocation becomes necessary, this means professionals must spend hours inventorying every piece of equipment to secure the job quotes they need to make plans.

As specialists in technology, server movers have developed time-tested methods for tracking equipment during a move. Often in the days following a move, a business will ask data center movers to pass their asset tracking methods on to the inventory specialists on staff at that business. National Computer Warehouse Services includes asset tagging and inventory management as part of our services, providing consulting services to businesses that requested it, whether those businesses are moving or staying in place. There are several features a business needs in place to effectively manage inventory.

Assign Appropriate Personnel

Inventory management isn t the right job for everyone. Computer movers often notice that in smaller organizations, the task falls to someone who also is responsible for a multitude of other duties each day. As a result, keeping track of equipment and software licenses can easily be put off as more time-sensitive tasks clamor for attention.

A server moving company can work with a business to create a plan to make inventory tracking easier. When processes are automated, professionals can keep track of things as they go instead of letting equipment pile up. A skilled server mover will come up with a customized solution to help a business manage its inventory as efficiently as possible.

Put Safeguards in Place

One mistake many businesses make is in failing to protect its assets. Without proper inventory procedures, equipment can easily be lost or stolen, with business owners not even realizing it until too late. Diligently tracking your assets is the best protection you have against theft or loss. Server relocation services can help a business determine areas where it might be putting itself at risk due to inadequate procedures.

In addition to tracking assets, technology movers also recommend putting trusted employees in place to oversee inventory procedures. For extra safety, server movers also advise businesses to put a second person on the task to put a safeguard in place. When two employees are working together to oversee each other s work, it s less likely that the inventory management personnel will engage in unscrupulous activities.

Use the Right Software

The key to successful inventory management is in the software inventory managers do to track everything. When a server moving company is asked to help a Weston-area business create the perfect plan for inventory tracking and management, often it finds that businesses are using paper-based tracking or spreadsheet software to keep track of things.

While both methods have their benefits, server movers have found there are much more efficient ways to track assets. A server mover can recommend the best software solution for a business s unique needs. In addition to interacting with other systems a business uses, inventory software can also be used to create reports that provide insight into equipment age, lost and stolen numbers, and software versions.

Implement Asset Tagging

Asset tagging is an important part of tracking equipment. Every piece of equipment in a business should be tagged, data center movers advise, including PCs, laptops, mobile devices, printers, label printers, two-way radios, and copiers. The tag should be difficult to remove and should clearly identify the device as property of your business. Having a tag in place makes it more difficult for the equipment to be stolen, as well as clearly identifying it in the event it should become lost.

Barcode asset tracking systems like Wasp Barcode Technologies can make the process of tagging and tracking asset easy. Computer movers recommend this type of technology because using a tag with a barcode and a scanner, inventory managers can quickly inventory an entire building. Items can also be added and removed from the inventory by simply swiping the barcode, making it easy to put rules in place that require a tag to be scanned before it can be put into use within the organization.

Set Up Surplus Procedures

When it s time to get rid of old equipment, server relocation services specialists have found it s important to have set procedures in place. A server moving company can advise a business on what it needs to do to ensure data is completely removed before equipment is sent to a third party for recycling.

A server mover can also provide hard drive destruction services to make things more efficient for companies. By properly erasing hard drives to a business s requirements, technology movers will help a business prevent a costly data breach while responsibly disposing of old equipment. Thanks to mobile shredders, server movers can provide hard drive shredding services at a business s location, saving it time and money.

Conduct Regular Inventory Audits

Businesses also shouldn t wait until a computer relocation to track assets. Regular inventory audits can pinpoint problems early, before they get out of hand. Computer relocation specialists can help Weston businesses set up audit procedures that prevent theft and save money. By setting up a regular audit schedule, businesses will be able to follow advice from data center movers and be more closely involved in their inventory procedures.

Technology movers have also found that regular audits help satisfy regulatory requirements. Computer movers have found that through carefully crafted procedures, businesses are ready for an audit when one occurs. A server relocation services firm can also help a business provide sufficient paperwork to prove an audit was conducted at specified intervals, which helps any business that receives funding for equipment.

By working with data center movers, businesses can create an asset management and tracking system that ensures minimal equipment loss. Over time, this can result in a significant cost savings as employees realize how closely equipment is being monitored. When combined with the ability to pull reports and satisfy regulatory requirement, working with technology movers to create a viable asset management plan is the best thing a Weston-area business can do.

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