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When it s time for your office to move, you re faced with a big task. Even small offices require careful coordination to ensure furniture, files, and electronic equipment arrive on time and in excellent working condition. While standard furniture movers may be able to handle safely transporting your furniture and paperwork, your sensitive electronic equipment needs special treatment.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) focuses on safely relocating office technology, from servers to PCs and beyond. We employ a tested strategy that includes careful planning and testing to make sure you ve covered all bases in your move. You ll have full confidence that nothing will be left behind as your move date draws closer, and that peace of mind will allow you to turn your attention to other matters.

IT Staffed Organizations

In many organizations, a full IT staff is present to help plan and supervise the technology part of the move. However, these staff members are expected to manage a large number of issues related to the move, including server connectivity and VoIP phone changes related to the move. In many businesses, technology departments are already shorthanded, with little time to spare on additional tasks.

An upcoming move already adds enough to beleaguered IT personnel s to-do list. We take over the task of physically getting equipment from one location to another, letting technology workers concentrate on ensuring connectivity and zero downtime. We ll also work directly with IT staff to make sure they have the data they need to conduct testing once equipment is in place to make sure all is functional.

No IT Presence

In a growing number of businesses, NCWS works directly with business professionals, since no IT presence is available. Whether your organization is small and growing or a large organization that outsources its IT needs, we ll become an extension of your own team during the move. Our project manager will work to determine your unique needs and craft a plan that addresses those needs. On move day, we ll work with you to make sure equipment is set up and powered on for you to begin testing. We have the technology expertise you need to make sure your transition from your old location to your new one is as seamless as possible.

Your sensitive electronic equipment is an important part of your organization. By working with NCWS, you ll have the benefit of our expertise to make sure your equipment arrives at its destination safely and efficiently.

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