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When Tampa-area businesses are tasked with moving a data center, months of planning normally go into effect. Even experienced IT professionals are often challenged by the daunting task of moving such sensitive equipment, usually realizing the problems even one problem can cause.

For this reason, Tampa s many businesses rely on professional server movers to handle their moves. With years of experience in server relocation, National Computer Warehouse Services has a team of skilled professionals who specialize in moving sensitive equipment. With months of careful planning prior to move day, an IT move can proceed smoothly, saving money and reducing downtime for everyone connected to those servers.

An Emphasis on Project Management

From the time a Tampa business contacts National CWS, we work to create a move plan that works with its needs. A project manager will be assigned to oversee details and we ll begin the process of discovering what you ll need to make your move a success. This includes a full inventory of all equipment and information about both the origin point and the destination. This information will help our movers know the type of trucks and equipment you ll need to make your move go smoothly.

Our cost estimates will not only help you decide to choose us for your server relocation services, but they will also make it easy for you to make sure you stay on budget throughout the moving process. We ll also make recommendations that will help you make sure your server equipment is safe both during and after the move. We realize how important data is to a business s success and take every precaution possible to maintain security and equipment integrity at all times.

You Set the Schedule

We realize you have your own needs and expectations when it comes to your move. For that reason, we work around your schedule, both for our planning meetings and the move day itself. Most businesses prefer to move during weekend hours and we provide this service at no extra charge. We ll work with your staff to make sure the times and dates work for your own business s schedule.

One of the first priorities in choosing a move date is to minimize disruption to customer service. Most businesses have certain times of the year that experience peak service, as well as periods that are slower than others. Since at least a little downtime is inevitable during computer relocation, it s usually best to select a move date that falls during the slower periods to avoid employees, clients, and customers being inconvenienced.

Qualified Server Movers

We realize IT relocation is a serious endeavor, requiring skilled technicians. Each of our data center movers is highly professional and trained in the ins and outs of data center operation. We also carefully screen each of our technology movers prior to hiring to keep each of our clients safe.

On the date of the move, our server movers will show up ready to work, wearing approved attire and interacting in a friendly, professional manner with each of your team members. Your team shouldn t have to deal with rude, unprofessional computer movers during a time that is already stressful. We ll take the worry out of the data relocation process so that you can focus on other areas.

A History of Experience

When choosing server relocation services, it s important to go with a company that has a proven history of worry-free moves. Our server movers are known for ensuring equipment arrives at the new location in the same condition as it left, with most businesses able to resume operations immediately following hook-up at the new location. National CWS has locations throughout the country, which means when Tampa locations need to relocate servers across state lines, we can coordinate with our other locations to handle the move from both sides.

Need to move on a holiday weekend? National CWS can help with that. We have technology movers on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help businesses when they need us. We realize that sometimes the best time to take down a company s servers may be a holiday, while employees are less likely to be accessing company documents. We can also conduct overnight server moves and moves during the workweek to make things easier for your IT.

Room for Disaster

Some businesses have contacted us after trying to cut corners on their server moves, to disastrous results. We ve found that when a company hires an inexperienced or unprofessional firm to handle a move, many crucial pieces can be missing. This includes poor preparation and subpar staff that mishandle equipment or abuse security privileges. These companies may also lack the insurance necessary to safeguard a data center move against injury to workers or equipment. This can put the business at substantial risk, costing more than if they d chosen the best company from the start.

Our certified server movers are the right choice for your upcoming IT relocation. We ll work with you to plan each step of your move and outline the steps you ll need to take to make sure your move goes smoothly. We also have the equipment and tools necessary to meet the specialized needs of delicate servers and our climate control efforts keep your equipment safe from extreme weather and humidity.

How It Works

Once a business has determined a move is impending, one call can start off the process of generating a free estimate. We ll work directly with the company to outline the scope of the move and provide a cost quote that will help the business make an informed decision. In addition to our qualified technology movers, a business will work with National CWS staff members including project managers, team leaders, and technicians of varying levels. Each of our team members is a full staff member with no outsourced workers handling projects or moves.

When your Tampa business needs professional server relocation specialists to help with a data center move, National CWS is a great choice. Our professionalism and reliability will ensure your move is completed with minimal downtime at a cost that will meet your budget.

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