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Sunrise, Florida is home to the corporate and regional headquarters of a wide variety of companies, including Pet Supermarket and Broadspire. With a large corporate environment comes the need to create a technology infrastructure to support it all. Skilled server movers keep Sunrise s business community functioning, helping provide seamless transitions when a business must relocate from one location to another.

The data center movers at National Computer Warehouse Services put years of expertise to use for Sunrise-area businesses. Whether a relocation project involves only a few servers or a full-scale data center, our technology movers treat it with the utmost professionalism. Our careful planning ensures every step of the process is thought out in advance to avoid any problems. Large moves and small moves have a few notable differences, however.

Scope of Move

With smaller server moves, often the work is wrapped into a much larger move, with computer movers asked to relocate servers, computers, printers, and other equipment. A large-scale data center move is often a more dedicated one, often occurring while office workers remain in place. Even when employees and servers are being moved simultaneously, computers and office devices are handled separately.

When a small number of servers is being move, capable technology movers can also come up with a plan to safely move desktop PCs, printers, copiers, and other office equipment. These devices will be handled similarly to server equipment, with anti-static, anti-stock packaging and safe transport to the new location. By leaving equipment handling to computer relocation experts, businesses will have the peace of mind of knowing it will all be functional when it arrives at the new location.

Business Downtime

With a large server room move, a server moving company often cautions a business that its servers may be down for an extended period of time. Smaller server moves can be much less disruptive, since a smaller amount of equipment must be moved. Because of its years of expertise, NCWS s server relocation services can often accomplish a small-scale move in hours, having the business up and running before start of business the next day.

Even with a small server room move, however, businesses are concerned. While the planning process may not be as extensive and involved as it will be with large-scale data centers, our computer relocation specialists still work to formulate a plan. This plan takes into account the many facets of a small server room move in order to reduce downtime as much as possible. Professionals will also be given an estimate of downtime expectancy in order to plan around it.


For small server moves, redundancy is often an option, especially if equipment needs to be replaced at that time anyway. NCWS s server movers can walk a business through the process of copying data and applications to these new servers prior to the move so that on the day of the move, a quick copy can be made of any changed items to make sure the most up-to-date version of everything is restored. The server can be hooked up at the destination and thoroughly tested before the original server is disconnected to create a zero-downtime situation.

With an increasing number of businesses now opting to move apps and data to the cloud, data center movers are frequently asked to help with cloud migration. In such a move, a business s technology can be offloaded with little disruption to operations. A server moving company will utilize its expertise to help businesses make the move as seamless as possible. Once the move is complete, computer movers will handle responsibly recycling old equipment and ensuring all data is completely removed to avoid a security breach.


Regardless of the size and scope of a move, planning is an essential part of the process. A large-scale server move requires technology movers and businesses to develop a team that works together in the months leading up to a move, creating written documentation that gives the business confidence that everything has been included. With experienced server movers, a business benefits from carefully-crafted expertise and proven timelines that keep a relocation project moving smoothly.

For smaller moves, the planning process can be less extensive, involving fewer employees on the business side. A server moving company still implements the same planning methodologies, however, with data center movers working directly with business owners and managers to let them know what to expect and help them plan for move day. While smaller businesses will often have fewer employees involved in the move planning process, a higher percentage of those involved will be directly invested in the consequences of any errors that happen during the move.


When a business chooses a server relocation services specialist to handle its server move, insurance is usually part of the process. Facilities management requires a general insurance policy to be provided to cover its own liability in a move. A server mover will usually carry additional insurance to protect itself, its workers, and the business against personal injury, damage to facilities, or harm to equipment. In the case of a smaller server area move, however, it s important that employees and damages receive similarly extensive insurance coverage.

NCWS offers insurance on each employee, as well as building and equipment protection, for every move regardless of the scope. During transport, equipment and applicable belongings are protected against damage to an amount that is specific to a business s move scope. NCWS works with a business to determine the amount of cargo insurance necessary and puts those protections in place prior to the move. Regardless of the size of the computer relocation, adequate insurance is essential to protecting a business s assets during a move.

A server room relocation can be challenging, regardless of the amount of equipment being moved. By working with experienced server relocation services specialists, businesses will improve their chances of a seamless transition. NCWS s computer movers provide the same dedication to each Sunrise business s server relocation, whether that relocation is a large-scale data center move or a small business migration.

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