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Your Skokie business has a large selection of options when it comes to hiring moving companies for your upcoming relocation. Your company s sensitive computers, servers, and peripherals need specialized computer equipment movers who will ensure each piece of equipment arrives safely. When the right professionals handle your move, you ll have the security of knowing that your systems will be fully functional as soon as the move is complete.

Relocating to a new facility can be a stressful experience. Leaders must coordinate separate teams to ensure every file cabinet and piece of furniture is identified. National Computer Warehouse Services s (NCWS s) server movers specialize in helping businesses as they manage the technology portion of the move, then provide server and computer transport services on the day of the move. But our services extend much further than equipment relocation.

Data Center Relocation and Organization

In addition to moving data centers and computers, our server moving company handles a variety of other services related to helping Skokie s businesses. NCWS s data center relocation specialists provide server room cleaning services to businesses throughout the Skokie area, reducing dust and other particles in these rooms. Over time, dirty server rooms can lead to extra wear on servers, slowing them down and shortening their life spans. By working with our data center movers, you ll be able to extend the life of your sensitive server equipment and save money.

When businesses are in need of extra office space, our technology movers often come in handy, as well. We can help a business by setting up document management systems, converting reams of paper files into electronic versions. This is especially useful prior to a business s move, since it can save the expense of paying furniture movers to relocate numerous boxes filled with files. Electronic files are also safer because they re backed up as part of regular server maintenance, helping businesses satisfy their disaster recovery planning requirements.

Equipment Removal and Destruction

Another way our computer equipment movers help businesses allocate more space is through removing equipment that is no longer in use. Unfortunately, doing so can put your business s sensitive data at risk. Inside each computer and server is a hard drive that potentially contains information that could result in a security breach if intercepted once it leaves your building. Our server movers first degauss each drive to render its data unreadable, then use professional shredders to physically destroy them.

Once the hard drives have been destroyed, our computer transport services can remove them and dispose of them responsibly. We work with your business to determine your preferred method of recycling old equipment and carry that out. Many Skokie businesses find that they have old equipment each year that needs to be removed, since items frequently reach their end of life.

A Trusted Team

Since 2001, NCWS has been helping businesses across the country with their computer and data center relocation needs. We pride ourselves on having a winning team of data center movers and project managers, each with a high level of expertise in their work. Their experience in successfully completing moves allows them to advise businesses on what they can expect on move day, helping them prevent problems.

We also emphasize the importance of professionalism to each of our technology movers. As part of their training, they are urged to always be well groomed and polite, representing NCWS in the best light possible. This is important for the many Skokie businesses we work with, since we often work alongside the rest of a business s technology staff.


Careful planning is crucial to pulling off a successful move. Our server moving company puts a great deal of time into the logistics part of the move, working directly with your team to map out the best course of action. Our years of experience have allowed us to create a system that works efficiently and reduces risks. We even put backup plans in place in case something should go wrong on move day.

Businesses considering working with us can complete a free project proposal questionnaire. Our computer equipment movers review the information and provide a no-obligation quote to help you decide whether NCWS is the right choice for your Skokie business. Once you ve made your decision, we ll assign a project manager to walk you through each phase of your move, from planning to move day. By the time the server movers arrive, your employees will know exactly what to expect.

Long-Distance Moves

In addition to the many local moves we do each year, we can also help Skokie businesses with long-distance moves. Our computer transport services team operates throughout most of the country, allowing us to easily transition your move from one state to another. We assign two data center movers as drivers to move your business s equipment, keeping those drivers with your equipment throughout its travels. Once the equipment arrives, our movers will unload it from the truck using the same top-notch safety measures we use with every move.

If your Skokie business plans to participate in an upcoming conference, seminar, or trade show, our data center relocation specialists can help with that, as well. We can transport your presentation equipment and all other electronics to any location and secure it as instructed. This will allow your employees to travel to the destination without worrying about carting equipment along. Since our technology movers use our special packing to secure your equipment in our trucks, you ll also have the peace of mind of knowing your equipment will make it to the meeting and back in perfect condition. If you re running late, we can also help set up at the destination to give you one less thing to worry about when you arrive.

If your Skokie business needs a server moving company for your upcoming office relocation, NCWS can provide a free quote. We ll assess your needs and estimate the cost to handle your move. We ll also work with you through each phase of your protect to provide one-on-one assistance as you prepare to relocate your equipment to its new home.

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