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When it s time to move servers, most IT professionals realize a standard furniture moving company lacks the knowledge and tools necessary. Server move specialists are aware of the sensitive components inside and have a set process in place to safeguard against damage. A standard furniture moving company, on the other hand, is accustomed to safeguarding the exterior of furniture and isolated electronic equipment.

Whether you re moving an entire data center or simply relocating a few servers, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has skilled, experienced professionals who can handle it expertly. We assign a talented project manager who will work with you through each step of your move. As a team, we ll work to create a proposal that addresses each of your unique business needs while also staying on budget.

Equipment and Peripherals

A server room doesn t just include the servers and their cabling. The tape drives, disk arrays, battery backups, racks, and other equipment must be added into the move, with space saved on the moving truck to safely locate these items during transport. We ll create a plan that addresses each step of disconnecting, moving, and reconnecting each piece of equipment to avoid any delays.

If third-party vendors are involved, we ll work with them as directed by you to make sure each piece of the puzzle falls into place. As the day of the move arrives, we ll plan our moving schedule to work around furniture movers to make sure your servers are in place and out of the way before your computer equipment, chairs, and filing cabinets arrive. If you need computers and printers moved, we can help with that, as well, moving them separately to keep your server equipment as safe as possible.

Protected Equipment

In addition to using the proper packing materials, NCWS also carries insurance on each move. This gives companies that extra peace of mind they need to move forward with confidence. But our extra precautions mean that your server equipment will arrive unscathed, with each piece of equipment safely and efficiently installed in its designated place in the rack. We ll do this in plenty of time to allow your team to test the equipment for full functionality before the next day your office is open.

If you re in need of a server moving company that can handle your big move, NCWS is the best choice. We have more than a decade of experience in safely moving equipment and will make sure your move is a success.

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