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Server Moving Company vs. General Moving Company

Server Moving Company vs. General Moving Company

by Michael Godek on Thursday, June 05 14:28

When hiring a server moving company, find a proactive firm with the IT solutions that you need for a successful relocation project. National Computer Warehouse Services has the professional skills and expertise for any server or computer moving project. NCWS can manage and facilitate any relocation project no matter the scope. We use protective security measures and practical IT relocation solutions to secure your equipment compared to general movers. Any firm looking will find that there are significant quality differences between a server moving company vs. general moving company.

It starts at the beginning, NCWS offers free customized project proposal based on a simple and informative relocation questionnaire. Our proposals are the actual cost, and are not filled with loop holes to bill your firm more in the end. Once your firm submits a questionnaire on the project you will be assigned a dedicated project manager. The dedicated PM will immediately follow up with you and return a proposal within 24 hours of submitting a completed questionnaire. It might take general movers two weeks to return a phone call or email, followed by a costly proposal with hidden fees and other disclaimers. NCWS applauds safe and secure business practices when interacting with our clients. This is exemplified by our secured website and protected questionnaires. We keep you and your information secure the moment you visit our website.

Once an IT relocation date is secured by the client, NCWS begins our call to action and start performing our proprietary preparations immediately for your relocation. All NCWS team members are briefed on the project and the responsibilities of the project. Risks are identified, isolated, and mitigated. As a server moving company, we understand the complexities that are involved in projects and the skills it takes to complete all tasks on-time. We comprehend the value of the IT equipment, and this translates into us to holding higher and layered levels of insurance to protect you, your firm, and its assets.

NCWS will never leave your equipment unattended due to multiple security concerns. A dedicated server moving team will always have surveillance on your equipment. NCWS uses safe and secure server moving protocols in any environment. General movers will move your equipment from truck to truck with unsupervised and poor moving techniques. They will outsource skills that they cannot accomplish to a third party that the client is unaware of. NCWS keeps all IT relocation services in-house while relocating server equipment, data center equipment, and other IT equipment.

We package your equipment with care using double-walled boxes and protective packaging material. These materials secure and control the environment inside the box from any moisture or particles in order to preserve the original environment from where the computer & IT equipment came from. After the packaging phase is complete, we then relocate your equipment to suspension-ride trucks for transportation.

Others general movers will stick your equipment in large, gaylord-style contraptions where your equipment is extremely vulnerable to environmental elements such as shock and humidity due to sub-par packaging. In route, the equipment will be pushed side to side, possibly causing interior and exterior damage to the equipment. NCWS creates a stabile packaging environment for your equipment.

The importance of a company s skill level and expertise is critical. NCWS has the professionalism and proven ability when handling server and data center equipment. Proprietary planning and a high level of communication are always recommended to be proficient during any server moving project. All NCWS team members and technicians are background checked and have certified experience and skills in the IT industry. Some general movers do not background check all their employees and are not trained to work with servers or other IT equipment. See happy client's who have chosen NCWS!

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