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When a business has a data center relocation in its future, it s important to find talented server movers to make sure the move progresses smoothly. This is especially true of moves that cross over international borders into Canada. There are customs requirements that companies must keep in mind as they pack up their items and send them to their new location.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) is combining its years of experience in server relocation services with a partnership with a respected Canadian customs logistics firm to ensure compliance with all regulations. When you work with NCWS for your move to Ottawa, you re ensuring that you have a partner who is well informed of the requirements and will make sure you are, as well.

Moving Equipment

The most important part of any data center relocation is its equipment. Our technology movers have a tried-and-true system that includes bringing the moving equipment and materials necessary to make sure your equipment is protected. Your servers are sensitive, so it s important to take every measure possible to make sure they are protected while they are moved.

In addition to server equipment, our team can also handle your office moves, as well. Our protective packaging and moving equipment can handle multiple device moves, including all of your business s PCs, monitors, and printers. You ll be able to turn the hard work over to us and focus on packing up your supplies and files into boxes.

Document Management Services

NCWS doesn t just move equipment. We also help businesses with move-related tasks like document management. Prior to your move, you may realize you have valuable square footage dedicated to storing old paper documents. If you can just make those electronic, you ll not only reduce the assets you have to pay to move but you ll free up space in your new location.

Our server moving company provides document management services. We ll help you get those documents scanned and stored safely on a server, where they ll be backed up and accessible from a variety of devices. Businesses usually find they can function so much more efficiently after a document management system has been set up.

Data Destruction

In any move, there will inevitably be equipment that won t make the cut. This equipment may have been stored in your location for months, awaiting disposal. Or it could be old equipment you re choosing to replace in the days surrounding your big move. Whatever the circumstances, professional data center movers can handle offloading that equipment for you so that you no longer have to worry about it.

Recycling old equipment is more complicated than many businesses realize. In a world where data breaches are becoming a common occurrence, it s imperative that every trace of data is erased from PCs, servers, and mobile devices before they are turned over to outside parties. NCWS provides data destruction services to businesses that will assure them every trace of data has been removed. We use a dual-step process that involves degaussing and shredding the drive to prevent data breaches.

Conference and Seminar Relocation

Occasionally, businesses have the need to move equipment off site for a conference or seminar. Instead of loading expensive, sensitive hardware on a vehicle and driving it themselves, they ll contact our server movers to handle it. The professionals can hop on a plane or drive a smaller vehicle to the location with full confidence that their equipment will be in place and set up when they arrive. Because the equipment is handled by professional data center movers, professionals know it will be moved carefully.

For conferences or seminars in Ottawa, American-located businesses can rely on NCWS and its partner organization to take care of getting the equipment across the border. There won t be a delay in the start of your participation in the conference due to customs issues. You ll be able to prepare in advance for any issues and make sure your equipment will comply with all requirements.

Customized Solutions

NCWS realizes that each business s move is unique. For that reason, we work personally with each client to develop a project plan that meets its individual requirements. We ll work to assess your needs and provide a detailed approach to planning that lets you know exactly what to expect from your move day. We ll also minimize downtime and provide professional server movers on move day that will work in tandem with your own team.

In addition to our move planning, NCWS s technology movers can also consult on a wide variety of issues. If you need advice on whether to upgrade your technology or move some of your services to a cloud services provider, we can advise you on that, explaining your many options so that you can make well-informed decisions. Our consulting services are based on years of experience in working with IT departments and data center moves, so you ll know you re getting the help of very experienced professionals.

Secure Transportation

During the move itself, you ll know that your equipment is safe in our trucks. Unlike other companies, NCWS handles your move from start to finish, providing the same data center movers to move and transport your equipment. Servers and other hardware will be in a truck supervised by the same team who handled your move.

In addition to being able to trust our server movers with your equipment, you can also trust the vehicle it s transported in. We keep your equipment in unmarked trucks so that passersby are unaware of the important cargo stored safely inside. This keeps your risks at a minimum and allows our data center movers to transport equipment across town, across the country, and beyond.

If you have a data center move to Ottawa in your future, NCWS can help. We ll take care of everything in advance so that you can focus on running your business and other parts of your move. When you choose NCWS for your data center relocation, you ll know your move will progress smoothly, which means minimal disruption to your business. Contact us for a free quote to determine how we can help you with your upcoming equipment relocation needs.

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