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Relocating across state lines is complicated. But when that move crosses national borders, things can get even more complex. If your business is planning a data center relocation to Ontario, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) can help. Our years of experience in providing server relocation services to businesses makes us an ideal choice for every business.

Whether your move is soon or months away, our team of talented server movers can work with you to provide an all-inclusive estimate so that you can plan your move many months in advance. Once the move planning process is underway, a project manager will work directly with your team to ensure every aspect of the move is accounted for ahead of time.

Data Destruction Services

With many data center moves, businesses ask technology movers to responsibly dispose of old equipment. Whether the move is from Ontario to America or vice versa, our server moving company will ensure all data is erased from a hard drive before equipment is recycled. This can involve degaussing it to erase all traces of information, shredding the drive, or both.

Because NCWS works to make the process as convenient as possible for businesses, we provide mobile hard drive shredding services. Our technology movers can come to your location with mobile shredding equipment and shred hard drives before your move to Ontario. This will keep you from having to relocate the equipment to a new location, where you ll be tasked with storing it or disposing of it.

The Customs Consideration

NCWS works with a respected customs logistics provider to ensure there are no hitches in getting your equipment across the border. Using specially-certified customs brokers, NCWS makes sure your equipment gets from your existing location to the new location without unexpected complications.

Because an international move requires extra steps, NCWS recommends meeting with data center movers well in advance of your move date to ensure you re well prepared. We can advise you of any restrictions that apply to your move to allow you to prepare in advance and make other arrangements for certain items, if necessary.

Seminars and Conferences

In addition to our server relocation services, NCWS s skilled technology movers also provide assistance with relocations for seminars and conferences. If a business has a need to transport equipment to Ontario, NCWS can help. We re increasingly seeing requests from motivational speakers, business executives, and other professionals for equipment relocation for use during conferences.

With so many other things to deal with during these professional events, companies appreciate the fact that they can hand responsibilities for their equipment over to skilled server movers. Since equipment is always treated with the most sensitivity possible, businesses know they ll be able to count on our technology movers to get items safely to the location well in advance of the designated time.

Secure Equipment

Whether we re helping you relocate your data center or move equipment offsite for a conference, we take the safety of your items very seriously. Your equipment is transported in unmarked vehicles to avoid drawing attention to the internal contents. From the time it leaves your location until the time it arrives at its destination, your equipment stays in the same truck or van, with one or more assigned server movers in the truck or van at all times.

In addition to keeping your equipment safe from infiltration, we also work to protect it from damage due to humidity, static, or shock. Our packaging and moving equipment is designed to keep your equipment safe as it travels from your building to our trucks, as well as prevent it from shocks and exposure to moisture and humidity while it s on the road.

Professional Server Movers

When a business chooses NCWS for its server relocation services, that business knows it s getting a professional server moving company. Our data center movers are courteous at all times, working hard to get the job done in the specified timelines while still being friendly to all of your staff and vendors at all times.

On the day of the move, our technology movers will represent both our company and yours well by being professional in appearance. This includes being neat and well groomed, as well as wearing clothing that identifies them as NCWS staff. With so many vendors in and out of your building during the chaotic move process, it s important that your team know that when our data center movers are in your building, they re one of ours.

Full Office IT Moves

While our server movers are well versed in the techniques associated with relocating data centers, their experience also translates to office equipment. Our data center movers can handle moving printers, desktop computers, monitors, and other IT equipment with the same care we give to server equipment. Many businesses find that furniture movers simply don t provide the same care and planning that qualified server movers offer.

Just as we would with your data center relocation, our technology movers will carefully plan your office move, employing the special equipment and materials needed to keep your electronics safe while in transit. If your relocation is to Ontario, we ll work with our customs logistics provider to determine everything you need to ensure your equipment makes it across the border without trouble.

Records Management

NCWS s experience extends well beyond moving data centers. Our server movers serve as consultants, working as advisors to each of our clients. If you have data destruction needs, we ll work with you to define a suite of solutions. If you need to move your records to an electronic version to dispose of paper files before moving, we can provide our document management services, as well. Our full-service approach to server relocation services can help you at every step of your move.

Of all of the work we do, NCWS is perhaps best known for our extensive planning. We think of ourselves not just as a server moving company but as project managers, as well. As one of your business s biggest projects, it s important that your relocation be planned and managed as carefully as possible. We help you take care of that so that you can focus on your other day-to-day activities.

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