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Server Movers Offer Peace of Mind

Server Movers Offer Peace of Mind

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, September 01 6:00

When it's time for your business to move, your top concern is that your equipment arrive safely at its destination. But a move can bring additional reasons for businesses to be concerned. In addition to the interruption in service that can come from hardware moves, security can be challenging during the transition.

During the move, a facility may see multiple workers passing through. Furniture movers, surveyors, and field staff may be in the office to help. Server rooms, which are normally locked down, may be wide open as personnel travel in and out to remove equipment.

Theft Risk

Server rooms are generally among the most secure areas of an office, since an infiltration can be disastrous. If the wrong person gains admittance to a server room, one unplugged piece of equipment can severely disrupt operations. Even if the disruption is accidental, until server staff are aware of the problem and remedy it, part of that business is down.

Server rooms also often contain sensitive customer data that must remain safe at all times. Businesses employ the best software available to keep servers safe from hackers, but what would happen if a hard drive was physically stolen? During a move, with unauthorized personnel coming in and out, this type of theft becomes popular.

A Professional Team

To combat these dangers, businesses should choose professional server movers to handle a relocation. Through years of experience, server moving companies have come up with a system that keeps equipment as secure as possible throughout the course of the move.

Professional technology movers will also ensure each team member wears a specific uniform on the date of the move. That uniform will designate them as part of a business's moving team, which will let a company's staff know immediately if someone is on site who isn't directly associated with the move.

Workers You Can Trust

An IT moving specialist ensures that each team member is carefully background screened during the pre-employment process. This includes a criminal background check to ensure the employee is safe to enter your place of business. Rather than bringing in temporary workers to help with your move, make sure your server moving company has permanent employees who will dedicate themselves to making sure your move progresses smoothly.

A server moving company also assigns a project manager to your move. Working directly with your team, this manager creates a thorough plan to cover each phase of the move. This plan will ensure your equipment is safely decommissioned and recommissioned with as little downtime as possible. Because of this careful planning, your move is more likely to proceed without unpleasant surprises.

When a business joins forces with professional server movers, they get the peace of mind of knowing their sensitive equipment will remain safe. Professional movers take extra measures to make sure only trusted personnel have access to secure areas like server rooms, helping prevent disastrous events like equipment theft or accidental outages. When combined with the careful planning and years of experience that professionals provide, a specialized moving company is a big plus.

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