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Data Center & Server Movers in Portland, OR

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Data Center & Server Movers in Portland, OR

Choosing a Data Center Relocation Service in the Portland, OR area

The process of moving a data center in Oregon isn t an easy task. NCWS knows about this wonderful state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. We also know that there must be a well thought out period of planning and communication between a client and the IT mover. The server relocation service also needs to take responsibility for properly preparing all of sites involved in the relocation project. The data center movers have to ascertain a proper method in order to minimize the period of user disruption. While a furniture mover is great at moving furniture, NCWS believes in our proven methods of properly packing IT equipment all the while preserving the environment in which the equipment came from. We create a safe, shock resistant, humidity controlled, and static free environment for your equipment nothing a furniture pad and a bin can duplicate.

A proprietary process

The typical data center relocation involves either uninstalling equipment from its racks or moving the entire rack. Server movers have to precisely catalog and tag each cable, optical storage unit, data storage array, server, and more. Custody of each component must be tracked, managed, controlled for humidity, dust, shock, and maintain a safe environment. NCWS has a proprietary process to protect you, your company, its assets, and data!

The risks of using inexperienced movers

  1. Simply put, a general mover is inexperienced with ICT equipment and costly in the end.

Dedicated project management

NCWS manages your data center or server room relocation project: When relocating a data center, a company will take many hours preparing for the process making sure the entire scope of the move is being done correctly and efficiently. Don t fall short, and weight the end cost, especially if your company s team is unfamiliar with the actual packaging and moving process. Its okay not to be a specialist in every area of the IT relocation process, NCWS is here to help. It requires proven methods to relocate IT equipment. The NCWS team of data center movers in Portland, allows a company to use our knowledge backed by over a decade of experience that NCWS has. We aid a company in avoiding costly mistakes.

NationalCWS offers personal, expert attention to every detail of your data room move from start to finish; with no hand-offs to sub-contractors. We bring you an array of customized, scalable solution to your IT relocation project, which protect your equipment, business and peace of mind for Portland, Beaverton, Gresham, and all of Oregon!

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