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Data Center & Server Movers in Nashville, TN

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Data Center & Server Movers in Nashville, TN

Tennessee companies know that relocating a data center is a high stake process, and requires a proven and professional approach. A IT relocation company must understand every aspect, and concern of a clients data center relocation process. NCWS takes the time to understand the why s, how s and what thoughts are on a companies mind involving their data center or server relocation project. It can t just be a consultation between the client and a mover , the specialized relocation service provider must be able to understand every aspect, and though process from its client in order to properly take responsibility for the careful preparing of each work site. The data center movers have to understand the process as if it were the in the clients seat, and in understanding all of the factors involved backed with experience will offer a client nothing short of a successful server or data center relocation. A focus matters, clear communication approach will in minimize the period of user disruption without question.

An seamless process

Typically, a data center relocation will require uninstalling equipment from its racks or moving the entire server rack. IT movers will have to precisely catalog, map, and tag each cable correctly the first time. An IT moving company must offer proven systems and procedures to protect all equipment from shock, vibration, static, and humidity. All cables and fasteners have to packaged in an organized manner to increase the re-racking, and cabling efficiency at the destination(s). Careful, experienced, trained, and dedicated staff must take and offer safe transport during the moving process.

Too many risks from using inexperienced IT movers

A handful companies hope to reduce their upfront cost by having their own in-house IT team perform the packing, server transportation and un-packaging of equipment. If a companies IT team is specifically skilled and experience in data center relocation, the cheap will become ber expensive in a blink of an eye. Damages can occur before anyone is even aware of it. The liability of a company s in house staff transporting their own IT equipment is extraordinary. There are so many liabilities involved from injury, to accidents involving the equipment and other drivers in the road. Figure in an accident of any kind along with the timeline for the moving servers; all will have a direct effect on a company s bottom line. The potential downside of relying on in-house IT teams to be your server movers is simply too large to fathom.

Completing services at the destination

It may seem as though the preparation, breaking down, cataloging, packaging and actual trucking would pose the greatest risk to ICT equipment, we haven t even gotten to the set-up at the destination. Case study after case study shows that if a companies existing IT team is ready for successful delivery at the destination, that their efforts go the extra mile here. If a company s focus is finalizing the setup at the destination, and they are free from the burdens and efforts on the actual relocation portion, it is a recipe for success! Let your company s IT team be an IT team, not an IT mover!

NationalCWS will offer you personal, expert attention to every detail of your IT move from start to finish. NCWS will never hand-off any portion of the relocation to a sub-contractor. We bring you a customized, scalable solution to your server relocation project offering protection for you and your equipment; all while giving your business peace of mind. NCWS has offered unmatched IT moving services for Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and all of Tennessee for over a decade!

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