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Data Center & Server Movers in Las Vegas, NV

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Data Center & Server Movers in Las Vegas, NV

Moving a data center is an elaborate and meticulous process; and not any old mover can perform it. Businesses who attempt to move a server room or data center without the assistance of a proven professional data center moving specialist may find themselves involved in a EXTREMELY expensive learning curve that will need to be explained to stock holders, and the higher-up s . This is completely avoidable by hiring a server moving professional.

For most companies, it simply makes more sense to focus on serving their customers and known skill set and leave the unknowns to the professionals.

The Vendor Selection Process

So now that you ve decided to hand the labor and packaging processes over to who do it best, it s time to select the correct vendor for the IT relocation.

Risks Involved in Hiring a Bad Data Center Mover

Hiring the cheapest and less experienced server mover offers nothing less than remarkable risks, a few of which are:

An unprepared and inexperienced moving company (cant pack everything in a blanket and throw it into a bin) Theft, loss or destruction of your server and data Poor communication and lack of understanding the IT relocation field

What Should A Company Look For in a Expectional Data Center Moving Company like NCWS, LLC?

A successful track record with amazing client testimonials An IT mover that builds a ground up relationship with your staff and company Proven experience with a variance of data center relocation scopes The IT moving process is prepared and properly handled from start to completion 24X7X365 personal customer service and dedicated project managers are provided if you have questions or concerns.

National Computer Warehouse Services has been servicing Henderson, Spring Valley, Enterprise, Las Vegas, and all Nevada s companies for over a DEDCADE!

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