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Server Movers Help with Windows Server 2003 End of Life

Server Movers Help with Windows Server 2003 End of Life

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, September 29 6:00

The end of support for Windows Server 2003 is looming, with Microsoft planning to cut the cord in July 14, 2015. This means servers still running the decade-old operating system will no longer receive the patches they need to remain secure from threats. It also means businesses are tasked with upgrading to a supported operating system in order to avoid those risks.

This phase out means that businesses will be left with outdated equipment that can no longer be used. These servers contain hard drives with valuable business data that must be completely wiped out to avoid dangerous data breaches. A skilled server moving company is equipped to handle this task, with the latest technology in place to ensure servers are safely recycled.

The WIndows XP Connection

The announcement may feel familiar to businesses, who dealt with the end of support for Windows XP earlier this year. At the time support ended, approximately one-fourth of American businesses were still using the popular operating system, leading to forced upgrades of systems. Each PC still running Windows XP was at risk for problems, since patches would no longer be available from Microsoft.

With Microsoft Server 2003, however, the risks are much higher. Multiple devices within an organization are usually connected to each server, so having that server vulnerable to hackers can be dangerous on a variety of levels. Realizing this, many businesses are starting to consider their options now.

Server Disposal

Whether your business chooses to upgrade to new equipment or outsource to the cloud, you'll likely be left with old equipment. As these devices begin to pile up in the corner, you'll realize how time consuming the task of removing that equipment can be. Experienced IT movers have the knowledge and resources necessary to remove that equipment and ensure it is responsibly recycled.

Since computer equipment cannot be directed to landfills, it must be sent to an authorized recycling center for disposal. In some cases, businesses choose to donate the equipment to an organization that needs it. However servers are recycled, it's important that their hard drives not be sent to the next location with data intact.

Responsible Destruction

In the past, businesses have resorted to tactics like wiping software and physical drive destruction to safeguard data at a hard drive's end of life. Both of these methods have proven faulty, however, with data still retrievable in some cases. A server moving specialist will use a combination of degaussing and hard drive shredding to ensure no data is retrievable once a server has been recycled.

For businesses that have multiple servers running Windows Server 2003, data center movers can take care of those, as well. One call will have servers picked up and safely removed from a business, allowing professionals to go back to their own busy schedules.

With Microsoft ending support for Windows Server 2003, it's important that businesses take action as soon as possible to upgrade. This will leave a need to remove old equipment in order to avoid a large surplus of unused electronics on a business's property. Server movers can help safely dispose of old electronics.

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