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Data Center & Server Movers Connecticut

Data Center & Server Movers Connecticut

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Relocating a data center or any IT equipment in Connecticut is a systematic process. Businesses who attempt to relocate without the aid of a professional data center moving company in the constitution state may find themselves heading for failures in certain areas. A server move in Connecticut can get complicated quickly, and distance does not matter when moving down the street, across the state or to another region. The extensive planning and preparation all of it can become an overwhelming.

Decisions made without a complete understanding that this is specialty move often ends up costing the company untold losses and delayed completion of their data center move. Most companies do not have insurances that cover their equipment, employees, or company while the equipment is in transport. A worst case scenario would be an employee getting into an accident while moving their company s server, IT equipment, or computer. And if the accident were to result in injuries to the employee or another person it becomes more problematic.

Moving any IT equipment or servers requires a company to have proven experience in the industry which will lead to preventing any possible catastrophic loss. While moving computers may sound easy as a whole, there are several not so obvious areas to consider. Just one single missed step can result in a company to lose clients and their revenue. If your company is looking for nothing less than successful data center relocation, call NationalCWS.com, a qualified server mover in Connecticut. NCWS has an extensive and proven service history in this field, and will provide you proven data center relocation tips to help the project.

Most companies choose security and success focusing on serving their customers while leaving the sever moving process to the professionals.

Risks Involved in Hiring a Bad Mover in Connecticut

The moving process by nature has remarkable risks, a few of which are:

  • An under prepared IT relocation company
  • Under qualified employees
  • Movers that hire temporary help or under paid staff
  • Loss or damage to your equipment, data or software loss
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of full insurances

What Should a Connecticut Company Look for in a Data Center Moving Company like NCWS?

Here s what a company should look for when choosing a moving company.

  • Successful track record with client testimonials
  • The mover takes the time to build a relationship with your company and understand your project
  • Seamlessly communication from initial contact to completion
  • 24/7/365 knowledgeable staff and project managers
  • No sub-contracting
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage


The most essential phase during a corporate server, data center relocation, or computer relocation is the transitional stage. This phase requires everyone working the project to have crystal clean communication from day one. It is important to keep all lines of communication open and to complete all of steps on the data center relocation checklist. NCWS has data center and IT moving checklists along with procedures making the project seamless and streamlined. With impeccable communication the end result is success for everyone. Choose a company you can trust, with a proven service based on customer testimonials, such as National Computer Warehouse Services.

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