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Data Center & Server Movers Charlotte, NC

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Companies in North Carolina know that the process of moving a data center is a sensitive one, and requires a scrupulously professional approach. There must be a period of planning and consultation between the client and the mover, and the relocation service also needs to take responsibility for properly preparing the service sites. The data center movers have to ascertain which servers are interdependent, so that those can be moved simultaneously. It s also necessary to plan with a company s IT team for any servers which must be replicated while the move is underway, in order to minimize the period of user disruption.

An impeccable process

The typical data center relocation job involves either uninstalling equipment from its racks or moving the entire rack. Movers have to precisely catalog and tag each cable, optical storage unit, data storage array, server, and more. Custody of each component must be tracked, while humidity, dust, and temperature all have to be controlled and monitored. All cables and fasteners have to be managed properly. Electronic-grade cushioning and OEM-type packing is needed in order to protect expensive equipment from any sudden impacts or static electric events.

The risks of using inexperienced movers

Many companies hope to may hope to save money by having their own in-house IT team supervise the packing, server transportation and unpacking of equipment. Unless the company s IT team is specifically skilled in data center relocation, catastrophic damage can occur before anyone is even aware of it. Furthermore, the timeline for moving servers is always critical, because downtime has a direct effect on a company s bottom line. While relocation experts are experienced at safely completing a move within tight deadlines, a company s own IT experts may lose track of critical records or physical components under the financial pressure of having the business off-line. The potential downside of relying on in-house IT teams to be your server movers is simply too large to contemplate. Also a company may not have the appropriate insurances and coverage in the case of an accident while transporting the IT equipment, which leaves the company and company s employees liable.

Crucial services at the destination

While it may seem as though the breakdown, cataloging, wrapping and actual trucking would pose the greatest risk to ICT equipment, the most vulnerable part of the process is actually the fresh set-up at the destination. Contamination can occur from particulate matter resulting in problems in the air-conditioning units or IT equipment. These sub-microscopic particles can electrostatically cling to equipment and reduce its functional lifetime or even cause data loss. NCWS has systems in place that virtually eliminate any foreign particles during, and after the data center relocation process.

NCWS offers personal, expert attention to every detail of your data room move from start to finish; there is never a hand-off to sub-contractors. We bring a customized, scalable solution to your server relocation, to protect your equipment, your business and your peace of mind. We have been offering client in North Carolina amazing options that result in successful project outcomes for over a decade. NCWS services North Carolina and the following areas:

Charlotte, NC Winston-Salem, NC Greensboro, NC Durham, NC Raleigh, NC

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