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When preparing for a corporate data center & server mover to assist you relocating IT equipment across the street or country, staff will have to take many hours getting their offices and furniture ready. This is stressful for most people, and with many things happening all at once, employees often make mistakes. It is wise to outsource some essential tasks, such as the moving of valuable tech equipment. Typically many choose to outsource the moving of their servers and computer equipment, as it is difficult for staff members of the company to perform this task efficiently and safely. Here are two highlighted reasons to consider calling NCWS today:

Transition: The most essential phase during a corporate server, data center relocation, or computer relocation is the transitional stage. This phase requires everyone working the project to be on the same page during the origin to destination work. It is important to keep all lines of communication open and to complete all of steps on the server and data center relocation checklist. NCWS has server moving and server rack procedures to make this process as seamless and streamlined as possible. All cylinders are firing, the end result is nothing but magical.

Educated: Furniture moving companies have employees who are unfamiliar with all of the much need to know parts of a data center, or server moving project. NCWS has knowledgeable and intelligent employees capable of performing IT moves and/or data center relocations. A company should always keep this in mind when it comes to the level of education they are hiring. NCWS has the proven experience, expertise and tools needed to complete any server moving project. When it comes to layers of insurance, un-racking, cable management, safe layered packaging, dedicated transportation, and re-rack servers NCWS is the team of choice within this specialty industry.

Without a doubt, when a company moves IT equipment with sensitive data, and value, a company should spend the extra money and hire a qualified mover who can do the job efficiently and on time. Spending a little more now for qualified staff will end up saving you loss of time, and untold amounts of money in the end. Anaheim, call NCWS today!

NCWS serves Anaheim, CA and the following: Long Beach, CA Irvine, CA Santa Ana, CA Costa Mesa, CA

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