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Secure Hard Drive Disposal in Walpole

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One of Massachusetts s most charming towns, Walpole is home to office spaces and retailers of all types. When combined with the area s banks and government offices, the technology infrastructure is strong and constantly evolving. Businesses in the area rely on professionals to provide the support and advice they need when choosing solutions to the everyday issues they face.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) works with businesses across the country to help with data center relocations and server room support projects. We now offer our full selection of services to businesses in the Walpole area, whether they re moving across town or reorganizing their server racks after years of use. Our experts work directly with Walpole businesses to determine the best course of action for each of their upcoming projects.

Equipment Disposal

As Walpole s businesses grow, they re adding employees and progressing to more advanced equipment and software. Unfortunately, with each piece of equipment that is replaced come a computer, server, and peripherals that need to be removed from the premises. Discarding used equipment can be tricky, since the internal components can be dangerous for the environment. The hard drives inside those devices can also contain sensitive data that can get an organization into serious trouble if compromised.

NCWS works with Walpole businesses to create a plan for discarding used equipment when it reaches its end of life. This can include destroying the hard drive and responsibly recycling the equipment, taking the responsibility completely off of a business s hands. For busy professionals, this can be a relief, since it allows them to tidy up their workspaces without having to devote hours of a workweek to the task.

Hard Drive Destruction Options

Businesses have multiple options in removing data from their drives. They can use software to physically erase it, but even the best solutions can be flawed. Many businesses have used software they believed was guaranteed to work, only to find that a data breach occurred because it wasn t as foolproof as they thought. NCWS uses a two-step process that starts with degaussing the drive, changing it to render its data inaccessible to even the most talented criminals.

Once the degaussing process is complete, our skilled technicians shred hard drives using professional equipment. This process, when combined with degaussing, ensures that no data on the drive can be accessed, even as processes change and criminals learn new techniques for piecing together shredded drives. With nothing remaining on the drive to be retrieved, fraudsters will quickly find that their efforts have been for nothing.

Recycling and Disposal Options

Many Walpole businesses have plans for their old equipment. They might have identified a nonprofit organization that can benefit from their computers and servers. In some cases, they ve found a retailer willing to pay or issue store credit in exchange for old equipment. If they have multiple offices, they may have plans to relocate the equipment to another building somewhere in the state or across the country.

In those instances, NCWS can perform an assessment of existing equipment and make recommendations for erasure methods that will keep the hard drives intact. Once learning the risks that come with selling computers and servers with hard drives in place, businesses often change their minds, choosing instead to either purchase new drives for the equipment or dispose of it completely. If businesses choose to relocate the equipment, however, we can erase the drives to their specifications and handle moving it to the new location safely.

Hard Drive Certification

Depending on the type of data being collected, your Walpole business may find that they re under strict regulations when it comes to guarding against a security breach. Credit card numbers and customer names and addresses can lead to serious consequences if leaked. Not only will your business need to deal with possible penalties and the expense of notifying potentially affected parties if this happens, but you ll also deal with reputation damage as your customers learn about the breach.

Healthcare-related businesses also deal with consequences due to security breaches, thanks to the HIPAA Act. When businesses that deal in patient information don t shred hard drives before disposing of them, they put patient medical information at risk, which can result in a serious privacy breach. For medical offices, hospitals, retirement centers, and even nonprofits that deal with medical data, protecting consumer privacy is crucial.

Hard Drive Certification

Through professional hard drive disposal, your business can reduce liability by demonstrating that you ve done everything possible to safeguard customer information. NCWS provides certification that thorough hard drive destruction was performed before the drive moved to its next location. Some of our clients even prefer to keep the drives on site once shredded to be able to maintain authority over the information.

NCWS can provide equipment and hard drive disposal as part of a relocation project or as a separate service. Often during office moves, businesses discover that they have equipment that needs to be removed before they can relocate and our skilled server movers can help with that. We ll work with you well in advance to ensure you have identified the equipment that needs to go, which will give us time to shred hard drives and recycle equipment in advance of the move.

Ongoing Service

Many of our clients find that once they ve worked with us on one project, they want to keep us around to handle a variety of IT needs. In addition to offloading old equipment, we can also set up a document management system that allows your business to dispose of all of your paper files.

When the time comes to move, thanks to our hard drive disposal services, we ll be able to move your in-use equipment much more quickly. You won t be moving out-of-warranty equipment simply because you haven t found a way to get rid of it yet, making the move process much easier.

When your Walpole business needs hard drive destruction services, NCWS can help. We ll come to your location and shred hard drives on site to make it easier for you to get back to what you were doing. Our work will free up office space that you were once using to store old equipment, helping you be more productive with every square foot you re currently leasing. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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