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Rhode Island Businesses Now Have Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

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When Rhode Island businesses are faced with mounting piles of old equipment, they are usually faced with several options. They can sell the equipment, recycle it, or donate it to a school. Because electronics are damaging to the environment, businesses today realize they can t simply send computers, servers, and monitors to landfills. Each piece of equipment must be reused.

This brings an even greater challenge. When a company decides to recycle, donate, or sell a piece of equipment, the hard drive inside can contain company data. Even if the equipment wasn t used to store customer information, employees may have accessed the internet, leaving traces of passwords and usernames from each site they visited. Many organizations try to handle data erasure internally, but this can backfire, as well. Simply wiping the drive isn t sufficient traces of data can easily remain long after professionals think everything has been erased.

Hard Drive Erasure and Destruction

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) helps Rhode Island companies with their hard drive destruction needs. We first use a degaussing process that completely changes the magnetic field on the drive. The drive then becomes unreadable, with the magnetic field having been neutralized. Most hard drive erasure processes simply write over the data, but degaussing changes the drive s composition.

Today s businesses also often demand hard drive destruction. Many businesses simply smash the drive with a hammer or punch a hole in it, but this can be ineffective. Data can still remain on the drive after this destruction. To make sure the drive can t be read, NCWS uses hard drive shredding, which employs high-powered equipment to turn a hard drive from its usable state to tiny shards. These shards are not functional, but there is a remote possibility that someone could obtain a piece of the drive and find a way to read it. To eliminate this possibility, NCWS can degausse the drive to ensure it s blank then puts it through the hard drive shredder.

Mobile Services

NCWS s latest offering is mobile hard drive shredding, allowing services to be performed on your property. We bring our mobile equipment to your location and destroy as many hard drives as you need. Because our equipment has the capacity to shred hard drives quickly, we re able to accomplish shredding in a fraction of the time as it would take to destroy each drive with a hammer or drill.

When your Rhode Island business needs to recycle, donate, or sell old equipment, NCWS has the state-of-the-art data destruction services you ll need. We comply with all Rhode Island data regulations and can provide paperwork to document that your drive was destroyed to requirements.

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